Walking Dead Part 2: Episode 1, Initial Thoughts

So I got a fifty dollar tablet (it was on sale). Cool! And it has the first episode of the second season of the Walking Dead game available for free! VERY cool!

Not cool: The game so far.

So it starts off with our one likeable, funny NPC dying. Wheeee.

Then it’s boring for a bit until people show up to attack you. Finally!

And what follows that should be a really great scene…except it’s not. And why? Three words: Quick. Time. Events.

I’m starting to see why game critic Yahtzee thinks they’re the bane of video games. “The Walking Dead” excels at atmosphere. It’s the best part of the game. And this should be a really intense, atmospheric scene. The problem is that if you make one small error – if your finger is off by a matter of centimeters, or less – you die, then you need to restart the entire thirty second sequence over again.

And over again.

And over again.

And this isn’t something like a boss fight or a puzzle where you get better as you learn more, or slowly start to figure things out. It’s a freaking QUICK TIME EVENT. Literally, you just need to swipe the screen in the right spot and in the right direction before a zombie grabs you. Just don’t be a hair off, or it’s back to the beginning of the thirty second scene. Repetition of this doesn’t build towards mastery or anything like that. It’s just an exercise in frustration.

All right, end rant. Now to try evading that zombie again.

Last note: Glad to see the game keeping to it’s existential, nihilistic despair-ridden roots. Wouldn’t want any really likeable characters surviving, or have happiness exist! That might communicate something besides overwhelming disgust at life!

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