Come on, it’s a LITTLE suspicious

An actress I’ve never heard of named Felicia Day was afraid of giving her opinions about gamergate for fear of being doxxed, and then was doxxed…an hour later?

Three things:

1) Once again, we’re just assuming these people are gamegaters. Sure, if you identify the movement as “people who hate females who like games and are against gamergate”, it may be gamergaters. But the gamergaters THEMSELVES don’t identify themselves like that, and repeatedly condemn doxxing and harrassment. If these people who doxxed her have not identified themselves with the gamergate movement then it’s more likely they’re just angry people who decided to use gamergate as an excuse to dox somebody with views they dislike. You can be pro-gamergate without necessarily being supported by the vast majority of the movement.

2) Okay, this isn’t related to the doxxing, but she’s afraid of talking to gamers she meets on the street? What the Hell?

3) I know I’m assuming things I don’t really have inside information on, but…it has to be at least kind of suspicious that she was doxxed barely an hour after expressing fears of being doxxed, right? I mean, the speed this occurred is just a tad convenient for her point, isn’t it? Considering that, I do think it’s something that we need to at least consider as a possibility. It’s not like anti-gamergaters haven’t lied before, and as has already been seen this woman is already a little extreme in her views on this.

I’m just saying…

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6 Responses to Come on, it’s a LITTLE suspicious

  1. Antis have been proved lying often enough that I need some evidence before I believe any of them. (indeed this strikes me as kind of like the “emma watson nudes” hoax)

    Also, how do you dox a public figure? Actually I feel for Ms. Day. She can legitimately boast of her fans being on both sides of this debate (SJWs & gamers) so what is she supposed to do? Pick a side and lose a portion of her audience?

    On the other hand if she sets it up like one side attacked her and forced her to choose… then even that side’s fans wouldn’t be able to as cleanly forsake her without coming off as enforcing her decision. Could be a ploy to choose her side with minimum audience impact…

    • zodak says:

      Also, how do you dox a public figure?

      that’s what i was thinking? what is she talking about. & it is suspicious. if you are afraid, why say anything.

      i like her, 6/10 would bang, but this seems like crap, she’s friends with wil, so i don’t buy it. most gamers like her & they have nothing to gain by doing this to her.

  2. Malcolm, I think you’re going to want to see this…

  3. Jakeithus says:

    So Ms. Day basically comes out and says “When I see a guy wearing a video game t-shirt, my first thought is the guy is probably a misogynist asshole and I should go out of my way to avoid them”, but it’s still the pro-GamerGate side that is closed-minded, exclusionary and wanting to strictly enforce boundaries of acceptable behaviour?

    At this point, it’s tough for me to fully trust any claims of doxxing or death-threats. Not really that I don’t believe they happen, it’s the Internet and people intentionally try and be as dickish as possible, but that I’m not entirely convinced that at least some part of the people involved want the associated victimhood status that comes along with it.

    Of course, you’ll never see it in the media but threats and doxxing is just as prevalent on both sides.

  4. Ilíon says:

    Also keep in mind that feminism is a variant of leftism … and all leftists are liars.

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