Justifed Season 4: “Decoy”

Possibly my new favorite episode of the show. It had EVERYTHING. Constable Bob, played absolutely perfectly by Patton Oswalt, is now officially my favorite new “Justified” character. Once again, “Justified” was all about build-ups and payoffs, and they’ve been teasing the awesomeness of Constable Bob all season long. Well, Bob got his moment in the sun, and it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. It was BETTER. The torture and badassness of Constable Bob made for my favorite scene in the history of “Justified”.

But all of it was perfect. The battle of the minds between Raylan and Boyd was played out to perfection. The other duel, between Officer Tim and Boyd’s own sharpshooter, Colt, was superb in itself. Drew Thomson and Raylan having their own little back and forth was entertaining in that “Let’s just have Timothy Olyphant come up with fun ways to dismiss people” way that “Justified” loves. Even the ending, where Bob saves the day once again, was exceedingly clever. All of it was executed to perfection.

Season 4 doesn’t have villains as memorable as those in seasons 2 or 3 (I mean, you know, Mags), and it took a bit longer to get going. But now that it’s picked up, it has PICKED UP. “Slaughterhouse” and “Bloody Harlan” were great episodes because the wonderfully complex plot of the former and careful character development of the latter  lead to startling, disturbing, and clever conclusions. “Decoy” was great because it was a blast. Everything that I love about “Justified” occurred in this episode, and in true “Justified” fashion it did what “Justified” does best: Deliver on its promises. This season wasn’t going quite as well as the previous two (still great), but “Justified” rewards patience in spades. If the final episode is anywhere NEAR as good as this one, well, that’s “Justified”. When you think it’s reached its pinnacle, it tops itself.

One of the most underappreciated shows ever made.


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