Don’t Let Them Control the Narrative

One of the reasons I have so much respect for Vox despite substantital disagreement on several issues is that Vox refuses to let the left control the narrative. Come Hell or highwater, Vox WILL let people know his side of things, and he’s done a great of reminding the conservatives that if we grow a pair and stand up for ourselves we actually scare them.

And with that intro I link you to this blog, Gamer Gate Harassment, which Vox first published on his site. It is superb, and anytime somebody tries to tell you what horrible horrible evil meanies the gamergaters are, link them to this. Kudos to the site’s creator.

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6 Responses to Don’t Let Them Control the Narrative

  1. Malcom, you want me to start including you on all the gamergate stuff I’ve been finding? (I had been sending some stuff to Vox…)

    Also, unfortunately with the invention of, you may have to start clarifying at the start that you’re talking about Mr. Day. 😉

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