So I’m Getting Into Sci-Fi

I’m in the middle of “That Hideous Strength” and recently finished “I, Robot” (Genius, by the way. Aasimov was a master. “Liar” in particular stood out to me as both a smart application of the Three Laws and a brilliant character study on Calvin). Just bought John C. Wright’s “City Beyond Time”, though I am disappointed to report that I’m having trouble downloading it and have had to ask Vox (he helps run the publishing company) for a fix.

Currently toying with my own idea involving psychics, though it really can only work as a young-adult fiction and is more about how people deal with things like depression and suicide than the actual visions of the future. But I like the concept and am interested to see how it goes. As much of an ass as my posts on suicide may have made me seem, I am genuinely interested in helping such people, and teenagers in particular since I don’t think they’re taken as seriously. So I guess I’ll see.

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6 Responses to So I’m Getting Into Sci-Fi

  1. You mean you’re in the middle of “That Hideous Strength”, AFTER reading the first two stories, right?

    I need to go back and reread it as I did the first time in 8th grade when I was not able to fully grasp the story. From what I’ve heard (and seen in rereading clips) it’s largely a sci-fi parable of his “Abolition of Man” book.

  2. Ilíon says:

    “Genius, by the way. Aasimov was a master.”

    His strident/obnoxious atheism turned me off when I was still a teen.

  3. monkeywerks says:

    Check out James Axlers Deathlands and Outlanders, John Ringo, Steve White and David Webber. I have it all on audio book too.

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