“His Last Vow” With Two Emmy Wins so Far

Best Writing in a Miniseries for Moffat and Best Supporting Actor for Freeman as Watson (naturally).

Both 100% deserved, “His Last Vow” was outstanding. particularly writing-wise, and Freeman, as always, was stellar. He is quite possibly my favorite actor right now.

Not much else they can win right now. I hope they win best movie, but apparently they’re not favored (“The Normal Heart”?). Cumberbatch will, of course, lose to Billy Bob Thornton, and as much as I love Cumberbatch Thornton should win.

…And as I speak, Cumberbatch wins! You have to be happy for him, he should have gotten a win for his performance as Sherlock before this.

Mostly, I’m just happy that “His Last Vow” is getting the respect it deserves after the unfair bashing season three got by a lot of fans (despite mostly critical acclaim, to be fair).

Very happy so far with the results.

EDIT: As expected, “The Normal Heart” wins best movie. No surprise. A quick Wikipedia check shows me that it’s a gay love story. It was a shoe-in.

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1 Response to “His Last Vow” With Two Emmy Wins so Far

  1. Who bashed Season Three!? *sobs quietly*
    And both Sherlock and Watson deserved a win. Yay for Moffat!

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