And yet I’m the Bad Guy

I’ve been criticized before for responding to people on Marc’s blog (lotharlorraine) with posts on my own. What’s not mentioned is that I ALWAYS respond to those posts on Marc’s blog first, and that I link my posts back to Marc’s blog, so that everybody actually has two chances to respond to what I’m saying if they wish. I do not criticize people behind their backs and give them every chance to defend themselves and their views. That said, sometimes I make comments or other people make comments that either warrant a larger post or that I think would make good commentary for my own blog.

So with that preamble I link to this comment from michaeleeast to make a short point. The comment:

Conservative Christians who support the death penalty are crucifying Jesus.
They are like the Pharisees only worse.

Most of the people who follow my blog will probably know why I think this is completely ridiculous. I think most, even if they oppose the death penalty, will probably agree.

And so I will merely point out that comments like this on Marc’s blog will most likely get praise, and almost certainly will not get condemnation. But when I say that those who support the legality of killing innocent children disgust me, I am a horrible person who is grossly attacking the character of good people who just disagree with me, and I should work harder to understand them and be more Christ-like.

And yet, I am reliably and repeatedly informed that not only is there no double standard, but it is the conservatives who frequently, and unfairly, attack the poor liberals and progressives.

Yeah, sure.

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2 Responses to And yet I’m the Bad Guy

  1. Syllabus says:

    What’s interesting is that I’ve read a few articles lately – written by progs – whose basic gist is that pro-lifers don’t really think that abortion is murder because they don’t treat women who have had abortions like they treat murderers. Which makes it so much more deliciously ironic when they go absolutely bananas when one does treat them like murderers.

  2. Crude says:

    The entirety of “progressive Christianity” in the mainstream is basically one prolonged attack of ‘conservative Christians’, and the only appeal of Christ lies in ‘how to invoke Christ to attack conservatives or advance a political/social cause I dislike, no matter how twisted the logic’.

    You can see that in East. And yeah, I write posts criticizing progressives, and Marc tells me that I’m being unfair and lopsided and I should criticize conservatives and be fair/even-handed. East says that any Christ who supports the death penalty is crucifying Christ all over again and they’re worse than the people who literally crucified Christ and… well, I suppose we’ll see what happens.

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