Beating Up Women

So MMA fighter War Machine (real name) was recently caught by U.S. Marshals. He was wanted for the brutal beating of his ex-girlfriend. Great news! But there’s another point I mean to make here.

I had a conversation with somebody who told me they wanted to wait for all of the facts to come out before judging this guy. Something along the lines of “Yeah, he’s probably guilty, but people lie. Let’s see if, say, another guy was actually involved here or something like that.”

Fair enough. I said “Or if the girl who was beaten was armed. I mean, he beat the ever-loving shit out of her (looking at the photos will make you cringe), and there’s no excuse to do that to anybody, but if she pulled a weapon on him it would be understandable why he lost it like that.”

The guy I was talking to just said, “No, there’s no excuse to do that to a woman.”

You can probably see where this is headed. And me, glutton for punishment that I am, decided to push the point.

So I said “You would be okay with beating the shit out of somebody who pointed a gun at you if it was a guy, right?”

“Yep,” he said. “He’d deserve it.”

I’m going to make clear right now that I do NOT support what this guy did to his ex-girlfriend and certainly would NOT support him doing this to a guy either. Proportionate force should have been what was used. The point behind this whole line of discussion was to get to the attitude behind hitting men and hitting women.

 “But that doesn’t make sense.The whole point behind the whole ‘Don’t hit a girl’ thing is that women are weaker then men and aren’t physical equals in a fight. But if War Machine beat a guy to this extent, he’s clearly not the guy’s physical equal either. The same logic would apply.”

This is where the response got interesting (and the conversation effectively ended, via agreement by all parties). “No,” he said, “It’s still not the same. Women and men are just different. It’s like hitting a child.”

Annnnnnnnd end.

That last phrase is really key, and interesting. Apparently, women should be handled with kid gloves not because of their physical weakness, which could apply easily to certain men as well, but because women are like children.

See, I have a problem with excusing behavior like this. You’ve just given an excuse, as well as an example of the excuse being used, for us to simply deny that women are moral agents. Otherwise, if you eliminate physical weakness as a factor the only real excuse you have for not treating a woman attacking you the same as you would a man attacking is some vague talk of differences, and possibly the denial that women are responsible for their actions. It’s (ironically) a feminist card that is often played when squishy pro-lifers want to deny that the mother has any blame in an abortion, and it works as a sort of “get out of jail free card” for women. All of the rights, none of the responsibilities!

You don’t hit women if you’re a guy because women tend to be weaker. And that same logic should apply to fighting men, because women can make bad decisions too.

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3 Responses to Beating Up Women

  1. The Deuce says:

    Notice how they never follow the “women are the equivalent of children when it comes to self-control and moral responsibility” card to its logical conclusion as it pertains to voting.

  2. GoldRush Apple says:

    So women and men are “the same” yet they are different – in a childlike way (now I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with that …). I’m confused yet I’m not confused.

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