Ready, Fire, Aim [UPDATED]

(By the way, the post title comes from a quote Feser used to describe the way Vincent Torley’s response read to him.)

I don’t get this response, by Lydia McGrew to Dr. Feser’s recent couple of posts on Intelligent design.

Now, I happen to agree with Dr. Feser, but let’s pretend I don’t. That still doesn’t explain why Lydia not only does not actually quote Dr. Feser once but also doesn’t link to him or even mention him in her article, or why she responds entirely to a brief paraphrase she constructed while ignoring the rest of what Dr Feser wrote, much of which contained responses to the very points she was making.

It’s very obvious, if you read Dr. Feser’s posts, that he is the person she is responding to. So why not link to him or mention him? Why not quote him directly and respond to his direct words, including the responses he made to several of her objections?

It’s not like Dr. Feser’s articles are long, or as if he isn’t a clear writer. She really doesn’t have any excuse not to be more thorough, and it’s disappointing.

UPDATE: When I linked to Dr. Feser’s articles, and responded to the points she raised with, you know, the things he actually said in response to her points she got pissy (naturally), said that the post wasn’t going to be about Feser, and updated the original post to tell us “not to mind where” she got the ideas she is paraphrasing.

In other words, we’re not supposed to use the replies the person she is criticizing already gave to her points. And we’re also supposed to accept her paraphrase as accurate despite the fact that the person she is actually paraphrasing made clear, several times, that her paraphrase was not accurate. But we can’t prove that, because we can’t quote or link to the person she is paraphrasing.

Let me go further than before: Lydia is not just being insufficiently thorough. She is being intellectually dishonest. If she means to criticize Dr. Feser, criticize him. It’s bluntly ridiculous to refuse to take on the actual words of the argument she is supposedly rebutting. And because of what? She only wants people to defend her strawman Thomist argument?

No thanks. She wins, I won’t post in that thread any more.

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6 Responses to Ready, Fire, Aim [UPDATED]

  1. Niophe says:

    Though I agree with a lot of what McGrew writes, her mannerisms are a bit too weird for my tastes. Not linking to Feser comes across as petty and cowardly, and pretending that that omission was born out of some honorable fidelity to “The Argument” is just plain bizarre.

  2. Res says:

    She doesn’t seem to be aware that her Scriptural citations don’t prove what they’re supposed to. This is slightly above Matt Walsh, who just makes Scriptural citations up.

  3. Crude says:

    When I decide to check out WWWtW, I no longer post in any Lydia thread. If you disagree with her and you’re sticking around, it just won’t end well. I agree with Niophe here – she can be sharp often, and I generally agree with her, but ha ha, if you disagree get ready to rumble.

  4. BenYachov says:

    Feser is discussing Philosophy & is picking on ID’s mechanistic tendencies (as he should) and Lydia is discussing the argument from Miracles.

    They are each talking about different things & I suspect Lynda didn’t mention Feser because she doesn’t want to get into the ID vs Thomism fracas. She wants to discuss the argument from Miracles.

    • And it just so happens that her paraphrase sounds awfully similar to Vincent Torley’s, and it just so happens that the only thing around the net recently that sounds similar to that paraphrase comes from Dr. Feser. And it just so happens that nobody actually made that argument, but she wants us to prove that somebody did.

      Sorry, not buying it.

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