The Pope and the Cold War

Yes, that’s right. I am writing about the Pope who played a pivotal role as a major world figure during the cold war. His calls for peace were critical in preventing hostilities at one of the most dangerous periods in human history.. The beloved Pope, the first “Vatican II” Pope, recently turned Saint: Pope John XXIII.

What? Saint Pope John Paul II, you say? Well, yeah, he was pretty instrumental too. But so was this guy.

I highly recommend you all click on the link. The article is short but interesting. I do wish it had done more to develop its case, but even so I think it makes an interesting point. Pope John XXIII is remembered mostly for being that Vatican II guy, and that’s not an entirely fair characterization of the good Saint, who had a highly interesting papacy, to say the least.

I always found the Cuban Missile Crisis to be fascinating. It’s probably the most dangerous period in human history; more lives rested on the decisions made by highly imperfect people in that thirteen day span than at any other point. I can only imagine what it must have been like to live through a climate like that.

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