Modern Thought in a Nutshell

I was going to write a whole piece about this article, which is about how the “women against feminism” are really just good feminists, because it’s pretty awful throughout. But this one line encapsulates all modern thought beautifully, and in just 13 words:

If it feels right, do it (unless it’s against the law – no brainer).

I don’t think I need to quote anything else in that entire article for the people reading my blog to know what the problem is.

My favorite part is “unless it’s against the law – no brainer”, as if it should be quite obvious to all of us that if the law permits us to do something, it must be okay.

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1 Response to Modern Thought in a Nutshell

  1. Or the one that came before: “I don’t think they were looking for my approval and that is wonderful because they shouldn’t need my approval – only their own.”

    Echo … echo … echo chamber. This reminds of “Your (critical) opinion doesn’t count, only my own (and others who support me).” And is it accurate to say that modern thought is mostly based on emotions and feelings? I’m just starting to conclude that modern thought is laughable. I mean, I see this stuff go on in the entertainment industry all the time.

    And this one: “Feminists – stop shooting yourselves in the vagina, grow up, and make yourselves a cohesive/inclusive unit with a clear mission statement.”

    I remember reading on another site pointing out that feminists who think about feminism and all that comes with feminism can’t even agree on what feminism is. Feminists actually said to me that the movement is misunderstood, especially when people claim it’s a bunch of man hating women. I have a feeling this “misunderstood” card will be played until there is silence from those who are critical.

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