In Lighter Fare…

I mentioned the game “To The Moon” a couple of posts ago, which impressed me thanks to the extremely high quality of its writing and brilliantly original, creative story. I also would like to say that the creator, Kan Gao, is a really cool guy. I’ve posted in the Steam forums a couple of times with comments and questions, and he’s always answered. He also donates 50% of sales from his soundtrack to the charity Autistic Self Advocacy Network. I’ve looked into it myself as I tend to be very suspicious of potential liberal motives of charities, and everything seems to be very on the level. The only red flag to me was advocacy for “Autism Awareness Month”, because I think awareness months are generally stupid. But hey, nobody’s perfect.

Most importantly, they have this: The Disability Community Day of Mourning. Take a look:

In the past five years, over forty people with disabilities have been murdered by their parents.

These acts are horrific enough on their own. But they exist in the context of a larger pattern. A parent kills their disabled child. The media portrays these murders as justifiable and inevitable due to the “burden” of having a disabled person in the family. If the parent stands trial, they are given sympathy and comparatively lighter sentences, if they are sentenced at all. The victim is disregarded, blamed for their own murder at the hands of the person they should have been able to trust the most, and ultimately forgotten. And then the cycle repeats.

For the last three years, ASAN, ADAPT, Not Dead Yet, the National Council on Independent Living, the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund, and other disability rights organizations have come together at local vigils across the country to mourn those losses, bring awareness to these tragedies, and demand justice and equal protection under the law for all people with disabilities. On March 1st, we will come together again, and we ask you to join us.

This is superb! A charity that recognizes “mercy killings” of the disabled for what they really are: Murder.

Kudos to Kan Gao for his support of this very good charity instead of the terrible Autism Speaks. I encourage people to buy his soundtrack, both because it’s beautiful and to support the developer and his chosen charity.

To end it on a more cynical note: Kind of sad that I consider it high praise that a charity calls a spade a spade and refers to the murder of the disabled as what it is: Murder. But I guess it’s much better than not, right?

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2 Responses to In Lighter Fare…

  1. Syllabus says:

    Crap. I knew Autism Speaks were kind of shady, but I didn’t know they were engaging in full-on eugenic pursuits. Thanks for the link.

  2. lotharson says:

    “This is superb! A charity that recognizes “mercy killings” of the disabled for what they really are: Murder.”

    Well this seems to be at least one thing where I completely agree with you: mercy killing is murder.
    I’ve ADHD and think I’ll write a post explaining how many liberals focus most of their energy on trendy combats such as fighting homophobia while utterly ignoring people struggling with autism, ADHD, anxiety and depression who are much more numerous than gays and (nowadays) much more suffering than them, at least in Europe.

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