Let’s Have the Discussion

*One of the reasons I harp on racial differences is because denying they exist often goes hand in hand with denying differences in cognitive ability, and I am pretty firmly convinced that this denial is the root of the (academic) problems in the school system.

The problem looks something like this:

1) Some people say that cognitive differences are real

2) When you look at the numbers, you’ll notice that cognitive ability tends to correlate pretty well with self-identified race

3) This is not allowed

4) Thus, cognitive differences are not real, and instead are somehow a failure of the school system. And then we have the disastrophe that is common core as a result.

You will note that this doesn’t REALLY have to do with race. This is true. It doesn’t. What it has to do with is fundamental honesty. Thanks to the correlation with race the discussion isn’t even allowed. I don’t think I need to tell anybody why this is an incredibly bad idea.

*Modified and expanded from this comment on Zippy’s blog.

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