Being a Priest

I’ll be studying at a Catholic University for the next two years starting Fall, and I think this is the best time in my life to truly consider the Priesthood. The prospect terrifies me, and I have to take a good hard look at my life and my relationship with the Church, but I myself have pointed out many times that it’s better to be celibate like Paul than married, and that I may not be called to marriage. How can I live with myself if I didn’t truly examine the Priesthood seriously?

The next few months, or even years, are going to be an intense and busy period in my life thanks to work, school, and a renewed emphasis on my relationship with God and the Church among other things. So what I’m asking is, please pray for me. If you’re Catholic, my Confirmation Saint is Nicholas of Myrna, and the Patron of the blog is John the Baptist.

Thank you in advance, friends.

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11 Responses to Being a Priest

  1. John says:

    How are your parents going to respond if you choose to become a priest?

    • THAT is a good question.

      • John says:

        It’s like “coming out” but not really haha.

        “Mom, I’m going to be a priest.”
        “So, honey, I saw you and Michelle flirting the other day, she is quite the lovely girl, isn’t she?”
        “Mom, you aren’t listening.”
        “Huh, what?”
        “I’m going to be celibate.”
        “Michelle is a very pretty girl …”

        I kinda sorta felt that it was a question that you were pondering about, or maybe it was too personal, because I checked back and it was still in waiting for moderator to approve stage, even after all the rest of the comments were published.

      • Oh no, I was just out for awhile.

        (That was exactly what I was thinking! I may write a short story to that effect.)

      • (Also, every first time commenter gets put into moderation. Just how I set it up. Don’t sweat it, you should be out of moderation now.)

  2. Itinérante says:

    St Nicholas of Myra!!! (sorry a small happy moment here heh)
    I will pray for you from all my heart sir!

  3. ccmnxc says:

    Just out of curiosity, I assume this university will have a minor seminary?

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