Female on Male Rape! Funny!

Don’t believe me? Then let’s all take a look at the smash hit “The Wedding Crashers”. I’ve seen the movie. I laughed occasionally, but it’s extremely overrated. But – I digress.

Quick and dirty summary up to this point: Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn (because who cares what their characters’ names are) crash weddings for fun, and decide to pull of one last big “crash”. Vince Vaughn falls for Gloria, the sister of one of the brides. They have sex, she gets possessive, he tries to back out but Owen Wilson convinces him/strongarms him into staying. After much wackiness Gloria ties Vince Vaughn up, claims she is fulfilling her fantasies, and has sex with him. Vince Vaughn never consents.

And then later he admits he liked it, they start a relationship, and they get married.

“The Wedding Crashers” was a smash hit, is shown on TV all the time, and has essentially become a comedy cult classic.

So, here’s “The Wedding Crashers”. Vince Vaughn is raped by a woman, he likes it, and then marries his rapist.

Funny! Funny stuff!

Now let’s imagine Vince Vaughn ties up Gloria and rapes her, claiming he’s fulfilling one of his fantasies. She later admits she liked the rape and marries him.

Funny! Right?



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4 Responses to Female on Male Rape! Funny!

  1. Ilíon says:

    Everyone knows that ‘Ow My Balls!’ is comedy gold.

  2. Drew says:

    Yeah, that scene was kind of awkward

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