I Have Privilege, and I Don’t Care

Oooooh, I’m being mean.

Seriously though: Yes, being born as a 21st century white male American affords me certain privileges other people don’t have. So what? I’m smart enough to look at the issues and draw my own conclusions regardless. If somebody in a bad situation, such as an unplanned pregnancy due to rape, offers me data that could alter my opinion, I’ll take it into account. But “You have no idea how this feels!” will never be a good argument, and me not being a raped woman isn’t the reason why.

Being unlucky enough not to have the privileges I have doesn’t actually mean anything unless you can show me that your lack of privilege gives you relevant insight. Until then, you’re jut unlucky. Sorry.

Yes, I have privilege that some people don’t have. That’s a shame. It’s not going to shut me up, though.

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5 Responses to I Have Privilege, and I Don’t Care

  1. Crude says:

    There’s no shame in mere privilege, especially when a substantial portion of white male privilege has to do with (at times, regional) cultural behaviors. I’m pretty sure ‘not being a felon’ is literally regarded as an example of privilege.

  2. Res says:

    ‘But all evil people are privileged.’

  3. Latias says:

    The best thing to do is just to ignore any claim that you have privilege entirely. Just acknowledge to yourself that you have no real privilege, like Elliot Rodger did with his BWM and nice clothes. Do not even bother participating in any discourse about it.

    Also do not become an unsympathetic asshole by writing a rant about it like that guy from Princeton.

    • Nonsense, the Princeton guy was absolutely right. People use it as a ridiculous excuse to shut down discussion all the time.

      • Latias says:

        Whatever, I do not even know why would want to deign to have a discussion with what you consider the radical left on a subject not worthy of the expenditure of intellectual energy. Personally, even though I am not a conservative or a moderate (that is an understatement), I do not even think the Daily Kos is worth my attention. Do not let a liberal bugbear, especially one with no actual substance (and I say this as an epistemological nominalist), become a source of shrill conservative agitprop.

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