Rejecting the Pill Completely (Not a Game Post)

I only mention that because “red pill” is a term used by manosphere types, because apparently they’ve discovered the wisdom of the cosmos and can lead the rest of us to the promised land…no, sorry, NOT a game post.

I’m really referring to this article. Its claim? I quote:

[Pope Francis’s] intention to weaken the authority of the papacy and bring it down to no more than the opinion of one person…

This apparently because Pope Francis ha been too unclear regarding doctrine and hasn’t clarified his statements specifically yet.

The article uses an analogy from “The Matrix” (a very overrated movie, but I digress). In a famous scene the main character, Neo, is offered two pills, a red pill and a blue pill. The red pill will “wake Neo up” and show him reality: He is living in a computer simulation. The “blue pill” will let him live comfortably in the matrix, happy in his ignorance. So accepting the reality that Pope Francis is essentially trying to destroy the papacy is “taking the red pill”.

Apparently, if we deny this we’re “taking the blue pill” and refusing to see the obvious.

I want you to keep in mind several things here:

  1. The article itself tacitly admits that its unclear how many of Francis’s statements have been false and how many have been merely unclear – it just doesn’t like how many unclear ones there are.
  2. The reason they think he’s trying to destroy the authority of the papacy is because he hasn’t, yet, clarified any of the statements he made in an interview.
  3. Many of the problems people have with Francis are really problems people have with folks like Cardinal Kasper who claim to be chummy with Francis. But not Francis himself. They just wish that Francis would shut him up (which is fair).

So, keeping all of that in mind, here is what we’re supposed to believe about Pope Francis:

…[what we know of his words and deeds thus far] paints a picture of a man who may very well have said,  “Feel free to flout Catholic teaching, disrespect your priest and your bishop, set an example of sin and rebellion for your two teenage daughters.”  Of a pope who is “not stupid” and is “media savvy enough to understand that his personal phone calls can become fodder for anyone with an agenda”. Of a shepherd who “doesn’t care and is content to ‘make a mess’” and is not afraid to employ a “manipulative, rather Machiavellian tactic” and do so “in bad faith, embracing very worldly tactics while fomenting confusion.” It is true to say that “it’s no longer possible to deny that some of the Pope’s offhand comments have created confusion” that he not only “should have” but must have anticipated. And it is thus not at all illogical to conclude that “the Pope knows exactly what he is doing and the consequences of his style, and that it is his intention to weaken the authority of the papacy and bring it down to no more than the opinion of one person.”

Basically, we’re to believe Pope Francis is a horrible human being acting in bad faith to destroy the See of Peter. All because he hasn’t actually clarified his statements. Never mind that many of the problems people have with Francis are problems they have with Kasper. Never mind his very public condemnations of abortion, the frequent times he speaks of the devil, and the authority he currently wields, as the article actually admits, as of now – surely it is all a truly Machiavellian ploy to destroy the authority of the papacy entirely, not a legitimate use of authority to act as the Pope.

Yes friends, we are to believe the Pope is a rotten, despicable person who uses the ends to justify the means directly contra to Catholic teaching, and who does it publicly, flaunting his arrogance and pure spite in plain sight. The fact that Reconciliation has increased under his papacy? All a sham. The hundreds of testimonies we have of people who all attest to this personal holiness? Taken in by a ruse.

Because make no mistake: If this is true, there can be no “Well, I think the Holy Father has good intentions and is a good man but doing a terrible job as Pope”. His actions have been monstrous if this is true. He is a horrible human being, a positively abusive Holy Father. Let’s not pretend otherwise.

And if you don’t believe this, well, you’re taking the “blue pill”, ignoring the “obvious” facts and not “accepting reality” because you “don’t want to believe it”.

Well, how about this: I reject both pills. Pope Francis’s papacy has been a mixed bag so far. and whether it has leaned towards good or towards ill will largely depend on the results of the Synod for the Family and their decision on Communion for divorced and remarried Catholics. There has been confusion on some issues but Pope Francis has stressed the reality devil more than his predecessors, increased Reconciliation throughout the Church, and, this will be controversial, spoken more clearly, publicly, and accurately about gay marriage than any Pope in recent memory.

I recommend these people who want an interview with him ask for one. I’m serious – why not? I’d be fascinated by it. I’d love to see an answer to these questions. Maybe I’ll write him myself.

But don’t take the pill. Life isn’t a black and white game, and people are complicated. Pope Francis is no monster, and to pretend he is is, and yes, I’ll go here, absurd.

We’re not in the matrix. See the world for yourself – at least you’re not trusting somebody else to tell you which pill to pick.

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3 Responses to Rejecting the Pill Completely (Not a Game Post)

  1. Zippy says:

    We’ve had actually wicked popes in the past, and one thing the ‘Francis Effect’ demonstrates is that most modern Catholics aren’t prepared in the slightest for it to happen again.

  2. Crude says:

    My own opinion on Pope Francis is that he is simply complicated, and he’s dealing with complicated problems. I think he makes mistakes, but he’s also made some good moves. I also notice that he has yet to ease back on the LCWR, and there are rumors of his trying to approach the SSPX in a positive way. (Though those rumors have been going on all my life almost.)

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