I think I’ve finally found a name for that new religion that’s been cropping up lately. It’s called “Compassianity” (pronounced com-pash-ee-ann-it-ee). I can’t take credit for starting it, of course. Though I said “lately”, it’s really been around for a long time now – who knows when it started? I came up with the name because its disciples seemed to be confused. They keep calling themselves “Christians” for some reason. This was obviously mistaken – the Compassionites’ beliefs obviously aren’t Christian in any meaningful way. So now that I’ve come up with a name that sounds respectable I expect many thank yous, and perhaps a manifesto where they announce the news. It was my pleasure, Compassionites.

What made me think of this? Why, this. For reasons that could only be explained by the fact that they had no idea what else to call themselves, the people who held to these beliefs claimed to be Christians. Here was my original post from Marc’s blog where I went through all of the problems with that:

Where do I start?

1) A NEW Christianity? Right off of the bat, that’s nuts. Christianity should be remaking US, not the other way around.

2) They certainly seem to have an odd idea of the Holy Spirit. “The totality of himself left behind”? Huh?

3) I love how they say “Well Paul never condemned homosexuality” and then right after that add “We don’t believe women should submit to their husbands”. In other words, Paul matters when his words can be suitably twisted to make their point, but when what he’s saying is unavoidably against what they want to believe they’ll drop him like a hot potato.

4) “God can handle converting people”? Really? So all of those verses about the importance of evangelism, they should be dropped then.

And finally, the worst of all of them. I saved this for last because it’s truly appalling:

Christianity is supposed to be all about nothing more (and nothing less!) than living a life of love, compassion, fairness, peace, and humility.

That’s right. Christianity isn’t about belief in the Holy Trinity, or the literal Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, or his status as God and the Messiah, or His death for our sins, or the many commands and teachings given to us directly by Jesus in the New Testament.

Yes, it is nothing more than living a life of love (fine, if you define love correctly), compassion (fine, if that doesn’t mean “telling everybody who is sad exactly what they want to hear all the time), fairness (nonsense – we’re unfair to many people all the time in perfectly valid ways), peace (hopefully, but we should be prepared to fight when necessary), and humility (as long as it doesn’t mean cowing your head and stammering apologies when somebody yells at you for being a mean evangelical).

Belief in the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, obeying Jesus’s direct commandments, prayer, evangelism…none of that is “about” Christianity. Just leading a nice and fluffy life where you’re nice to everyone.

That whole website is a farce.

I thought hard before posting this, wondering if I’m being too harsh. I don’t think so, though. Some things need to be said – this is one of those things.

So as you can see, it is indeed utterly ludicrous to the point of almost being offensive that such people would claim to be Christians.

But, I suppose I owe them an apology. It’s not their fault they couldn’t think of a name. I’m sure they tried, and Christianity is sort of kind of like it if you really squint from a distance. But now they need not worry – they have their own moniker they can proudly hang from the rafters, where they worship the all-encompassing God of fluffy goodness and compassion. At last, they can go around being compassionate to everybody they don’t disagree with without fear of being mistaken for Christians!

You’re welcome.

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4 Responses to Compassianity

  1. Crude says:

    It’s just the left-wing version of Nazi Germany’s Positive Christianity, or Orthodoxy under the soviets. ‘Christianity, defanged of everything we dislike, altered to add everything we like, and made politically useful.’

  2. Jakeithus says:

    As someone who has interacted with the “Unfundamentalist Christians” over on the blog from time to time, you’ve certainly picked up on a lot of the problems with the blog/movement.

    At the top of everything there are the words “Above All, Love”. From what I’ve seen, they do a great job of loving those who agree with them, but everyone else doesn’t really matter. If you’re a Young Earth Creationist, they will insult you and question your ability to participate in public life. If you believe in the marriage as exclusive to one man and one woman, they will belittle and marginalize you like most progressives.

    John Shore, the writer of the blog post linked to on Lothar’s blog, put up a post on his personal blog something along the lines of comparing arguing with a social conservative to getting in a fist fight with a “spastic”. I found it inappropriate to say the least, but he deleted the post before I could call him on it, although I’m kicking myself for not capturing it somehow.

    Love is secondary to progressive politics; they’re culture warriors no different than those they oppose. As someone who tries to occupy the middle ground, I have no time for their particular brand of extremism.

    • Crude says:

      John Shore’s post was morally reprehensible – it was a perfect example of true bigoted hate speech that gets a whole lot of currency among “progressives”.

    • GRA says:

      >>“Above All, Love”.

      It effin irritates me when people say this. Seriously. It just rings so empty and vague to me.

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