Spectating The Spectator

Imagine my great surprise when the website of the extremely long running (since 1828) conservative British magazine “The Spectator” linked to a post on my lowly “ten regular readers” blog! Here is the proof. Does this count as the big time?

In any case, as flattered as I am at the link, I do want to clarify some of my thoughts for the benefit of anybody who clicks on that article and assumes I agree with the views presented. The title of the piece is “One solution to revenge porn: ‘cad-shaming’”. In it the author tries to make the case that sluts are often shamed after “revenge porn” videos come out of the woodwork, but cads never are. He claims that if we start shaming the cads as well instances of revenge porn will drop. He linked to this post of mine as evidence that somebody else thought of cad-shaming first.

So, to make my views clear, I will post here what I wrote in the comments section to avoid giving the wrong idea:

Imagine my shock to see somebody from The Spectator linked to my lowly ten-regular-readers blog!

In any case, I am not against slut-shaming in principle, and that post was not necessarily ADVOCATING cad-shaming – more like exploring the idea to see if it would be effective.

If you read onward through my posts, and in the comments section, you’ll notice I come to the conclusion that the best solution is actually just to ignore the cads completely. If we stop acting like they’re relevant or cool (which, by the way, they’re not) we don’t give them social status or power. Robbed of this, they’re sexual attractiveness at least drops and hopefully more good men are considered seriously by women as a result.

Much thanks for the link!

In any case, it’s pretty cool that I was noticed at all.

EDIT: By the way, I wept as much as I’m sure you did when I noticed the egregious their/they’re typo I made.

EDIT 2: I am even happier now that I’ve clicked on the author, Ed West’s, name and learned that he’s a conservative Catholic, co-editor of the Catholic Herald, who seems to be quite orthodox and calls for his government to stand up for persecuted Christians. Hats off to you, Mr. West.

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