In Honor of My First Year of Blogging

…I’ll give some links to what I think are my best written and most important posts. In no particular order, my personal to ten:

  • Abortion and What We’re Really Dealing With – Of all of my posts on abortion I think this is the one where I express my position on the matter the most clearly.
  • Marriage: What’s the Big Deal Anyway? – This touches on a critique of game used as a philosophy, even in a limited way, that I don’t see brought up in other places too commonly. It’s probably not my best written article, but I think it presents interesting ideas and makes some important points.
  • The Disconnect – One of the more clear examples of the willful blindness of liberals I’ve ever seen.
  • Making Liberals Squirm – A good post showing the sort of insanity liberals try to peddle in order to advance their pet causes.
  • Abortion in Ethics Class – Definitely one of my more important posts, and an excellent example of what conservatives face in the real world when they dare to express views that don’t Advance Progress.
  • With a Shoutout to Crude, Here’s an Argument for You – I think I did a good job defending my position in this instance.
  • The Rationale of the LGBT Rights Supporters – I come from a different perspective here than most people because of my age, and I think I’ve grasped some important points a lot of conservatives just don’t get.
  • The Great Equality god – A very early post and an important one.
  • So BioShock – My best written video game review, I think.
  • The Bigotry of C.S. Lewis – An insightful look not only at Lewis but also at common liberal attitudes towards religious folk in general.
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