One More “Sherlock” Post

For now.

I just rewatched it and Holy Hell, the final 20 minutes of “The Reichenbach Fall” is some of the best TV ever created. Every detail, every line delivered, every twist and turn all executed flawlessly to create one of the greatest season finales ever written.

That episode is some of the best 90 minutes of television history, and you’ll never be able to convince me otherwise.

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2 Responses to One More “Sherlock” Post

  1. BenYachov says:

    I love that show too. Freeman as Watson awesome!!!!!!!!

    • For me when you rank all of the actors who have portrayed Watson the ranking goes like this:

      1) Freeman
      2) Everybody else

      His performance in “The Reichenbach Fall” especially can only be called profoundly moving.

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