Three Thoughts on Abortion

1) Remember this quote from Rachel Maddow and her feminist minions?

So, Rep. Buchy, here’s some realtalk: You don’t need to be a woman to know why women seek abortions.

The unintentional admission is important because people will attempt to make arguments like this:

Furthermore, as a man who will never suffer an unwanted pregnancy nor the terrible pains of childbirth, I now feel that I have no right to dictate to any women on this incredibly difficult choice.

So, is it impossible for us to understand the dilemma women face when they get abortions, or do you NOT have to be a woman to know why women seek abortions?

It’s either one or the other, and you’re giving up a Hell of a lot of ground either way.

2) From that same comment:

I’ve also had to concede that we have little scientific or religious basis for deciding when a cluster of embryonic cells becomes an actual human being…

Holy reframe, Batman. On the contrary, almost all biologists would agree it is far more than a “clump of cells” and is in fact a member of the species homo sapiens. The real question is, when did we decide that we had the right to judge what human is or isn’t a person? Almost every time this sort of sophistry has been attempted in human history some great evil has resulted, and even people like Sheila would admit that abortion in post Roe v. Wade America is no exception, if we are to believe what she says.

3) From that comment again:

I also remain unconvinced that seeking to criminalise abortion is a particularly helpful solution to this near-intractable problem.

Man, it’s amazing women even survived in pre-Roe v. Wade America, right?

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