Abortion and What We’re Really Dealing With

I really do think a lot of pro-lifers forget what exactly abortion really is. It is the murder of a defenseless child. The end. Anything else added to that completely misses the point.

On Lothar’s blog he posted a fascinating article about abortion from the perspective of a progressive Christian. Basically, abortion shouldn’t be outright banned because that doesn’t get to the root of the problem, which means that women in bad circumstances will get left out in the cold and back alley abortions will increase. I responded with this:

[This is me quoting Lothar] I strongly doubt that increasing restrictions on abortion is such an efficient strategy in the long run.

See, I always thought this was a silly argument. We’re talking about mass murder on an unprecedented scale here. Support is important, but in the meantime we need to try and reduce abortion as much as we can.

And saying “Well women will just get underground abortions then!” is simply not the case. Sure, some will, but it’s impossible to deny that abortions went up dramatically after Roe v. Wade. Making it illegal will almost certainly decrease them dramatically again.

Later, a commenter named Sheila wrote this:

I was hard core pro-life, all about the baby! the baby! the baby!….until Gosnell. Because the manner in which the babies were killed after being delivered alive, the news coverage focused on the gory details.

Hardly anyone mentioned the women. The woman whose death Gosnell had to account for. The women who were harmed by filth. The women who were physically maimed by incompetence. The women who were deceived as to the actual gestational age of the baby. The very poor, the very young, and the
undocumented, who had nowhere else to turn, no one to give a hoot about them and their lives.

After the trial, I was haunted by the murdered babies, and the women. I knew I had not given women much thought. So, now I am in the middle, too. Knowing that abortion cannot be criminalized, but realizing that ending a developing human being should not be taken lightly, either. And, like Rachel, I’m not sure how to proceed.

By the way, it is increased access to contraception which has played the biggest role in the decrease in the numbers of abortions obtained.

Sometimes it amazes me how people lose sight of what’s going on. My response:

Abortion cannot be criminalized?

I’m not sure if you both grasp the full impact here. Babies are being slaughtered en masse. But I’m supposed to believe this shouldn’t be made illegal because it will leave the women (who CHOOSE to get the abortions) upset?

Yes, I understand many were in difficult situations, and I really do sympathize. But not so much that I think that killing your child should be legal.

More than that, I don’t buy that women have no moral culpability here. They’re moral agents, and responsible for their decisions as well. Sympathy should be had, but always kept in mind that they just made the conscious decision to kill their child, and rather brutally.

Frankly, I’m tired of focusing on the mothers in these cases. Yes, we get it, many, possibly even most, of them are in very difficult circumstances. But either women have responsibility for their actions or they don’t, and if they do then women who get abortions just murdered their children.

And ultimately, it really is that simple. Maybe you were raped, maybe you’ll be kicked out of the house, maybe you are in no position to raise a child. I really, truly to sympathize with you then. I’m ready to help. Crisis pregnancy centers are always ready to listen to you. You are in a horrible situation.

But, in the end, your child is dead. And you made the choice to kill them.

So excuse me if, ultimately, my sympathy doesn’t extend so far as to not make it illegal to kill your own baby if you reaaaaaalllllly want to.

There is a mass slaughter going on, and it’s not the mothers who are being ripped apart by surgical instruments and having their spines snipped. It’s the children, and it is ultimately because the mothers decided to have this done to them.

Never forget that.

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12 Responses to Abortion and What We’re Really Dealing With

  1. Ilíon says:

    While you may not realize it, what you’re seeing is why in most times and places and cultures, they had more sense than to allow women a public voice in running the society and the polity.

    • pixietrumps says:

      Right, because this way or the other in such cases (abortion, for instance)… men aren’t even affected are they? The woman got raped all by herself and now she and the baby should face the consequences.Of course, she mustn’t have a voice in the matter.

  2. Crude says:

    But either women have responsibility for their actions or they don’t, and if they do then women who get abortions just murdered their children.

    And there you have the modern dilemma. Who is willing to tell a sobbing woman that her bad predicament is her own damn fault when it IS her own damn fault?

  3. John says:

    @ Crude & Malcolm: They’ll pull the “judgmental” or the “It’s my body. It’s my business” card. They may plead to not go back the Victorian age (wait, that’s for the “You’re being a prude” situations) and the 1950s. Buy gosh, this is the 21st century – the modern age! Might as well act like moderns or just “Deal with it.”

    • Crude says:

      Funny how ‘it’s my body, it’s my business’ has given way to ‘the state has to pay for the choices I may with my body’ in short order.

  4. Ilíon says:

    Let’s see … oh, that’s right, *I* am “willing to tell a sobbing woman that her bad predicament is her own damn fault when it IS her own damn fault” … and then some damned lying hypocrite will attack me for it.

    • Crude says:

      Still being a bitch, eh Ilion?

      Here’s a challenge: link everyone the exchange you’re talking about, if you have the guts, Let them decide for themselves if it’s being honestly represented by you.

      This is where you pretend you don’t read anything I write, by the by, and head for the hills. 😉

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