Seen on a Talk Show

They were discussing moms who were primary breadwinners on the show, specifically centering it around a new study on the subject. Semi-significantly it came out that more egalitarian sex roles make your spouse seem less sexy, leading to this gem of a line from the hostess (paraphrased, but close).

You’d think that seeing a man doing the dishwasher would be sexy [??? What?], but it really surprised me to see that it actually decreased attraction in the marriage!


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One Response to Seen on a Talk Show

  1. Crude says:

    I recall this line from Dennis Miller:

    Don’t ask us to cry. As much as you say you want us to cry, you don’t really want us to cry. You hate it when we cry. I’ve tried crying in front of my wife. She enjoyed it for about thirty seconds and then started thinking, “Why in the fuck did I marry this hamster?”

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