The Saga of Jenny Erikson: Sunshine Mary Edition

We last left Jenny, divorced Christian mommy-blogger extraordinaire, after she proudly declared to the world that she was an AWESOME wife and mother. Now she laments the fact that the man she left with no warning (literally, he had to get warned by his PASTOR) and took the kids from no longer wants to be friends with her. Poor, poor Jenny. This time, Sunshine Mary has the rundown.

Jenny Erikson: Inspiration to strong, independent women everywhere. Because she’s CHRISTIAN.

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3 Responses to The Saga of Jenny Erikson: Sunshine Mary Edition

  1. Crude says:

    I thought Jenny Erikson assured us that her husband thought she was awesome?

    For the record, I’m confused about why this girl gets your attention. Were you a fan of her before the shift?

    • Not at all. It’s just that how clearly and obviously she represents everything wrong with feminism absolutely amazes me.

      She really is EVERYTHING WRONG – she is a Christian women taught all of the wrong things about marriage who married a beta orbiter husband for his foot rubs then left him and took the kids. She got mad when her pastor pointed out that this was against church teaching and turned on her church next. And then she started talking about how no, really, she was an AWESOME wife and mother you gotta believe me.

      THEN she complains how hard it is to be a single mom and details how this is actually hurting her children, and then also says that the divorce is going to leave the children perfectly fine.

      Frankly? Besides just being a (admittedly rather fascinating) teaching tool, she makes me angry. So, you know, you don’t laugh…

    • She is a living stereotype whose purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others. She’s a gold mine of object lessons.

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