The Disconnect

Here is a comment written by somebody named Phil from an article on the blog “What’s Wrong With the World”:

I think you perceive the people who disagree with you to be much more in lockstep about religious liberty and nondiscrimination laws than they really are, and this is to your detriment. (For example, the perception that you are fighting a “war” against an unified “enemy” can lead, and has led, to social conservatives seriously suggesting dismantling the institution of civil marriage in order to “burn the crops” and beat the enemy.)…

[Gives several examples of liberals who disagreed with the decision about the New Mexican photography company being forced to photograph a homosexual wedding]

I’m not bringing this up to argue that all liberals have strong “religious liberty” views when it comes to discrimination cases like this, but to point out that there are plenty on “the left” who are publicly in support of realistic religious liberty.

Generally speaking, the left is much better than the writers on this blog at understanding and accepting that other people have a right to their own personal religious and philosophical beliefs [emphasis mine].

And that’s why, if you want to look into a crystal ball, the individuals that you perceive to be the cultural left are winning. Because they are willing, when necessary, to fight for their own rights and your rights at the same time. Even, in some cases, when this requires acknowledging and accepting that you have deeply-held beliefs that run contrary to their own.

The problem is that this ignores the very obvious, massive elephant in the room: all of this was written in response to a court decision forcing a New Mexico photography company to photograph homosexual weddings. The “debate” on that subject is over. The end. We lost.

This sort of deluded thinking is what we’re dealing with – the idea that they’re really on the “enlightened” side, and we’re the “bad” side…while religious liberties are being snatched away almost literally right under their noses.

This disconnect is so obvious it’s actually quite disturbing to realize that somebody was actually able to make that comment in the utmost seriousness while linking to an article contradicting the point they were trying to make.

This is a frightening group of people we’re dealing with right now.

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4 Responses to The Disconnect

  1. Kirk says:

    Modern leftism to me is just a massive case of what Feuerbach called “feeling enraptured and delighted with itself.” To them, their feelings are just so immeasurably deep and holy that they just know they must link up with truth. Indeed, they must. Therefore, gay marriage is legitimate, abortion is legitimate, premarital sex is legitimate, and so on. Furthermore, people have “rights” to all these things (so don’t you dare say otherwise). And they know all of this before a single argument has been uttered.

  2. sunshinemary says:

    Translation: First we’ll take away all your “rights”. Then we’ll let you have a few back to show how magnanimous we are.

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