Yeah, Yeah, it’s Valentine’s Day

Okay, taking on Valentine’s Day is a cheap shot, I know. Everybody knows that it’s the hi-jacking of a really badass martyr-Saint’s Feast day and turning it into a materialistic, commercial sham, the only value of which is increasing the entitlement attitude of both men and women (though yes, in my experience, normally women). Plus, I’m single, and not particularly close to being in anything like a relationship, so it doesn’t really apply to me anyway.

So, I’ll just say this: If you are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day, just make sure BOTH the guy and girl celebrate. One person getting the other chocolates and calling it Valentine’s Day is a dick move, unless you have a very good reason for it (like lack of money or something). And men – don’t go overboard just for the sake of the holiday. It’s not worth it.

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