So Return of Kings has this Post…

Old news, I know, but I might as well. This is taken largely from a post I made down at Zippy’s.

Let’s take a look at this post from the game blog “Return of Kings”. I’m not allowed to say this because it would mean, in a very broad sense, siding with the Evil Feminists (by the way, I AM very anti-feminist, but I’m making a point here), but I think Return of Kings is batshit crazy and frankly pretty sexist – ooooh, the dirty “conservative-Christians-can’t-say-that” ‘s’ word. Well, oh well.

Posts like “Why you should date a girl with an eating disorder” – complete with a puking, bulimic women proudly displayed at the top barfing into a toilet (!) –  are ridiculous and, yes, the “o” word (offensive).

You aren’t practicing game, or making yourself attractive, or combating feminism when you say idiot things like that. You’re being a jackass, to be blunt. And Return of Kings is one of the most popular “game” sites.

And here’s the thing: I bet the majority of people who supported that post probably didn’t before the post was up. But now that everybody’s favorite game site has posted something outrageous that pisses off feminists, well, yeah, of course I think dating a girl with an eating disorder is a good idea!

Fascinatingly enough, in looking at the comments section, it is indeed overwhelmingly negative. And yet we look at people like Vox defending posts like that, and his comments section, and all of a sudden if you don’t support his post you’re just caving in to the feminist hysteria.

Sorry. Not buying the supposedly necessary connection. And then he goes on to say that the term eating disorders should only apply to real eating disorders…? Okay, but that’s not what Tuthmosis said. Generally when somebody uses a word I think it means what it’s defined to mean.

I am not impressed by the insights such men have.

I think that the manosphere reaction to this post lends some support to the Zippy hypothesis. Summarized by Zippy:

It is often said that women love bad boys, and the prevailing idea is that women love bad boys intrinsically: it is just inherent to the fallen female nature to find bad boys attractive.  Some time ago I proposed an alternative theory that has taken the world by storm: that women, as natural followers, love whomever it is that men love.  And in our modern liberal society men are in love with bad boys.

Most of the men supporting that post, with the possible exception of guys like Vox and other “big names”, I would wager would never have even CONSIDERED the idea that having an eating disorder was in any way something good or desirable in a woman. But men love bad boys, and if one of your Kings says it that makes it royal decree. Return of Kings indeed.

And that is one of the reasons I find game so dangerous. To pick out the “good stuff” you need to wade into a culture that’s essentially toxic, and risk getting pulled in by the cumulative force of scorn heaped upon those who disagree.

Everything is complicated. Sometimes, in my dark moments, I start to believe Paul was right an celibacy is the best way to go.*

*Yes, sarcasm, I always believed Paul was right.

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6 Responses to So Return of Kings has this Post…

  1. Well said. I find “game” repellent. If that makes me a beta, so be it. Real men aren’t bothered by the obsessions of nattering Sneetches.

  2. Ilíon says:

    In some post on his blog a couple of years ago, Vox acknowledged that the “science” the Gamers appeal to as its foundation basis is pseudo-science — basically, that its just made-up shit about “cavemen”. Yet, he’s still promoting it, and using its mental categories to pigeon-hole people, and using its mode of (ahem) reasoning to “refute” those who dispute it.

  3. You know, I find it rather disgusting that they co-opted a name of a creation by J.R.R. Tolkien. With posts on that site teaching men how to convince/force their girlfriends or wives to get abortions, I pretty much KNOW that the extremely Catholic Tolkien would be appalled that that website existed.

  4. Jim says:

    “Some time ago I proposed an alternative theory that has taken the world by storm: that women, as natural followers, love whomever it is that men love. And in our modern liberal society men are in love with bad boys.”

    Yes, we know it’s ALWAYS the man’s fault even when the fully grown adult women make their own choices.

    Hey, women are “equal” now. If that’s the way they want it then they can be fully responsible for any and all actions they take. That includes liking bad boys.

    As for dating girls with an eating disorder I frankly don’t see the point in doing that. Even if it were just for sex, why? She could throw up on you any minute. Not good. 😛

    • You obviously don’t have a very good grasp on Zippy if you think that he absolves women of moral choices – if anything he takes some pick-up artists to task when they try to deny (as I’ve seen) female agency. Nor did he say that women aren’t responsible for any sins they commit with cads, or for a large part for the state society is in. But do you really think it’s ALL the women’s fault that we’re in this mess?

      Basically: Is it that women are inherently attracted to bad boys, or are they just natural followers and it’s the men who admire the bad boys? Saying “No fair,” to one theory isn’t a response. And I think this whole incident at least makes for a pretty good starting point for Zippy’s theory, because it shows that men right now are gravitating towards the pick-up artists as well. They are true disciples – if one of their gods commands it, so it shall be.

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