Gay Marriage at the Grammys

Apparently the Grammy Awards had some big pro-gay marriage thing thrown into the middle of it. I don’t know. I don’t REALLY care. I hate the Grammys, and frankly 90% of the people I talk to hate them too.

One of my friends, who supports gay marriage by the way, wrote a post saying that he was annoyed that they stuffed an opinion of a controversial political position in the middle of the Grammy awards. Fair enough.

What was interesting was the Facebook conversation I saw the followed. As a rule I NEVER speak about my views on Facebook. All it will do is lead to aggravation. So I just watched with interest.

Well, the comments section that followed basically turned into, “Since gay marriage is exactly like interracial marriage and the civil rights era (barf) the fact that a major awards show showed public support is great!”.

The problem, of course, is that fifty percent of the country disagrees that gay marriage is comparable to interracial marriage, and doesn’t support it. But hey, that doesn’t matter, because gays who want to marry are OPPRESSED PEOPLE and are right.

Imagine if it was a big pro-life demonstration. The exact same logic holds, from my end. Sure, only half of the country supports it. But babies are being murdered! And we’re right!

I doubt that would go over well. And it shouldn’t, because pro-life demonstrations have no place at awards shows. It’s a controversial political issue that divides half of the country, whatever I think of it. Presenting support on a nationally televised, non-political program is highly inappropriate.

Same with gay marriage. But hey, they’re oppressed!

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