Making Liberals Squirm [1/31/2014 UPDATED]

Don’t you just love it?

But seriously, take a look at this article. It’s old now, but the author, amazingly, was paying enough attention to respond to me. Good for him, I guess?

For those who don’t know, “Grand Theft Auto” is a popular series of games. The fifth one came out recently and it’s being hailed as one of the best games ever. All well and good.

I’ve never played the games, and have absolutely no desire to. They look kind of boring. But when articles like the one above come out, you have to say something.

The title: “Why Grand Theft Auto V was a Missed Opportunity”. I’ll summarize it for you and say that GTAV should have been a game with a female protagonist, and somehow this would have revolutionized the gaming industry (all of this said while Chell and GLaDOS nod sagely in the background).

To give you an idea of how stupid this article (written by a man whose avatar is a heart with little female characters inside, by the way) is, here’s probably the most relevant section:

GTA5 has already been a massive financial success, so I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret: most publishers and even some devs don’t actually get why it is that certain games are successful. When they see Call of Duty tearing up the charts they think “Must be the gritty action shooting”…So what do you think would happen if a GTA with a female protagonist was the biggest success of the year? Like I said, most publishers don’t get why certain games are successful. Plus, I know that there are devs that have been wanting to tell stories about female protagonists that were and are being actively blocked. I mean, they wanted WayForward to sideline Shantae for a male playable character too. If GTA5 starred a female, then not only would those devs have a much easier time getting greenlit, the gamers themselves might have less resistance to playing as a girl.

It made my eyes bleed. Despite being months behind, I wrote two comments. This one:

So why should GTA V be the game that has a female protagonist? No, really, why should they be specifically shooting for that? A story, whatever its form, should be looking for the characters that best fit the story they’re trying to tell. To say, “Well they should have told the story with a female MC!” is equivalent to saying they should have made a completely different game than GTA V.

Bottom line: If people REALLY cared, it wouldn’t be selling. And since it’s selling, there’s no good reason for them to change things up. More than that, I don’t WANT them changing things up just for the Hell of it. I want STORY FIRST.

Seriously, the guy’s entire argument is, “Well, I know it’s great as is, but seriously, if the main character was FEMALE think how it could change the INDUSTRY!”. He actually admits in the article that he thinks the game is great as is and it won’t necessarily improve it. He just wants them to add a female protagonist because progress.

Somebody in the comments made this very smart and reasonable comment:

So what? GTA is a masculine driven world. And all males in GTA are more or less assholes or total jerks. Accept it. Why wasn’t Mona Lisa male? Why isn’t Indiana Jones female? Why isn’t Darth Vader Luke’s mother? Why isnt Call of Duty packed with female soldiers?There are recently quite a few good games on the market with female leads…”The last of us”, Beyond two souls, Heavy Rain, Tomb Raider just to name a few good ones. Saints Row 4 comes close to GTAs philosophy, let you choose your gender…and playing as a woman was a lot of fun, and totally believable. Imho Rockstar Games took more than enough opportunites with their latest title. It always depends on the story. Some patterns of behaviour are just more typical male or female.

The author’s response was that he was being “overly reductive and missing the point of the piece”. I said this in response:

Seriously though, you keep saying this. I read the whole piece. What, exactly, is your point? You think people SHOULD care that there aren’t more female protagonists?

But why should we? I don’t play games as part of a fight for equality. I play games to enjoy myself.

I doubted the author would respond. But lo and behold, he did! And within hours! Are you ready for this brilliance?

You are everything wrong with the gaming community.

I actually responded to this on the page too, but honestly I don’t really think I need to.

UPDATE: I do feel this continuation is worth disclosing. I told this guy that he can challenge my views if he wants to, but feeling offended and insulting me isn’t a challenge, it just makes him look like a dick. His response?

How would you like me to explain why complete apathy to social problems is a bad thing?

What a moron. I ended the whole thing with this. I hope it really pisses him off and he snaps at me, but I won’t bother checking. Maybe, if I’m lucky, his bosses will ban me.

Because I want to enjoy my video games instead of worry whether or not the protagonist is female, that means I have complete apathy to social problems. Ah, got it. And why is it a social problem? Well, you and lots of other people say so, of course!

I’m not playing this game. You’re a dick. Instead of having a reasonable debate, you chose to insult me.

Have fun thinking you “won” because you got me to leave. It’s what you wanted anyway. Now you can make a sarcastic comment on how “nothing was lost” [This was the phrase he used when he got somebody else who disagreed with him to walk out] or something.

Idiots like that are what’s wrong with society. See, I can do it too!

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7 Responses to Making Liberals Squirm [1/31/2014 UPDATED]

  1. Crude says:

    Yeah, how dare you play games for the sake of enjoyment. You heathen.

    More and more I’m tempted to accept Vox Day’s statement that liberals are people who cannot create much of anything – all they can do is infect something that already exists, and in the process destroy it.

    • Funny you say that. In the not shown response to the author’s final comment to me I do say that his response to me makes him look like a dick. I thought of Vox when I wrote that.

      The author of the article is an idiot. I still don’t know what point he was actually making, but it was a weird one whatever it was.

      • Ilíon says:

        I think his only point was his loathing of his own sex and especially of masculinity.

      • He reminds me vividly of John Scalzi. Making women feel equal has become more important for him than his own industry actually coming out with quality material.*

        He can deny it, but he literally said, right there in the article, that he was sure GTAV was a great game with a great story but they should have scrapped that and used a female MC anyway because equality.

        *I refer to it as “his” because he makes money by reviewing the work it puts out.

  2. James says:

    The reason you don’t know what point he was making is because his point is always the opposite of whatever you attempt to address. Target is on your left ? Nope ! It’s to your right ! On your right ? Nope ! It’s to your left !

    You made a valid argument against his view ? HOW DARE YOU make an argument against an opinion piece ! Don’t you know that opinion pieces are just meant to be featured in echo chambers ?!

    People like that author truly are a blight on this world.

  3. Jim says:

    The little shithead that you described is just like every other silly activist libtard I’ve ever seen. They want to politicize EVERYTHING. Doesn’t that moron understand that that’s the way society was in the Soviet Union? Everything being politicized? What a pussy.

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