Bias, College Rape Edition

Here is yet another mind-numbingly stupid article about college rape:

It’s one of those things that just make you slam your head on a desk repeatedly.

Where should we start?

Let’s try here. I apologize for the long section, but it’s SO bad. You really need all of it for the full effect.

It’s horrible to hear about instances of rape and sexual assault, but what’s even worse is when the victim is punished for speaking out.

That seems to be exactly the case with Samantha, an undergraduate at the Hanover College in Indiana who has officially filed a complaint against her school, investigation pending.

Samantha reported that her boyfriend — a fellow student — raped her, but has since been treated by the Hanover College administration like a perpetrator herself. Samantha has, for the past two years, attempted to get Hanover College to acknowledge her boyfriend’s crime.

Instead, the school dismissed the case, and has since told her to take it up with the police and tried to prohibit her from living on-campus.

1) What was her evidence for the charge?

2) The school actually held a judicial review and found the ex-boyfriend innocent of the charges.

3) Why is she being told she can’t live on campus? We don’t actually know.

4) What was her evidence?

5) What was her evidence?

After Samantha attempted to get the issue reopened, to, you know, hold the wrongdoer accountable, her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend (gems, I’m sure) filed a harassment claim against her, alleging that her insistence on Hanover College investigating the crime was intrusive and unwarranted.

It probably had to do with not having enough evidence for the crime, but we don’t actually know that because we don’t know the evidence. My guess? The charge WAS reviewed by the college (confirmed) and the evidence was found lacking, so they dropped it. Samantha didn’t like the result and has pressured the college with ferocious intensity to reconsider their decision. But we have no idea if they have grounds to do so. Because we don’t know the evidence. And honestly, rape by boyfriend is going to be very difficult to find actual evidence for. So the evidence almost certainly is lacking.

At one point her claim was that her ex came in the middle of the night, yelled at her, and physically abused her. Her only evidence? Photos of the BRUISES. Nobody else in the building woke up. All they had was her word. There was no reason whatsoever to arrest the ex, who of course denied even being in her dorm. But this apparently means the college is encouraging rape culture.

You also have to love how the article presumes guilt. People never make up lies about their exes! And women would never lie about rape! No Sir! Just ask the Princeton lacrosse team! But no, he’s guilty, dammit. What are you, sexiss? Are you encouraging rape culture? Is that it?

Bias? What bias?

FYI, I got a lot of my info from an equally biased Huffington Post article, which can be found linked in one of the quoted sections.



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4 Responses to Bias, College Rape Edition

  1. The original Mr. X says:

    I also like the dismissive way the article talks about how she was told to “take it up with the police”, as if the police weren’t, y’know, exactly the people who ought to handle accusations of serious criminal behaviour.

  2. Crude says:

    One thing that really bugs the piss out of me about this issue is how ‘Accusations of rape’ are automatically cashed out to ‘actual rapes’, such that each and every rape charge that is thrown out due to a lack of evidence, results in a not guilty verdict, etc, is treated as ‘One more rapist who never served time!’

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