Help Combat Misinformation About Abortion…?

I have no clue what point the Guttmacher Institute is trying to make here in this image.

Why will spreading this challenge anybody’s views on anything? How is knowing that 1 in 3 women will get an abortion going to “open my eyes” in any way? Why would marital status matter to me at all? Who cares if they only have kids? Or how many women have an unintended pregnancy? And apparently we’ve just confirmed that 64% of abortions come from minorities.

88% have the abortion in their first 12 weeks. That’s a three month window. Here are the characteristics of a fetus after 12 weeks:

The baby measures about 2 inches and starts to make its own movements. You may start to feel the top of your uterus above your pubic bone. Your doctor may hear the baby’s heartbeat with special instruments. The sex organs of the baby should start to become clear.

So we have sex organs, movement, and a heartbeat. Oh, and recognizable limbs, by the way. Saying “up to 12 weeks” is certainly disingenuous when we see what a 12 week old fetus looks like.

Help me out here. What is the point they are trying to make? What is the misinformation that people are bandying about being combated? Why would knowing all of this change ANYBODY’S views?

Basically, what I’m saying is that this doesn’t even make me remotely angry. It just puzzles me, because it’s stupid.

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6 Responses to Help Combat Misinformation About Abortion…?

  1. Crude says:

    “How can you possibly say that 1 in 3 women are doing something immoral!?”


    “Most abortions happen in the first trimester!”

    Great. So tight regulations and bans on abortions after that period must not be a huge assault on liberties.

    “Most of these pregnancies are unintended!”

    Are they unaware of what sperm blasting into a vagina runs risk of?

    Etc, etc.

  2. The Deuce says:

    If 1 in 3 women have had an abortion, that indicates that the majority of pro-abortion women have actually had one themselves, which indicates that their support of it reeks of attempted self-justification.

    • I looked through more of the G Institute’s “statistics”. I can’t remember specifically why I thought so right now, but my thought when I read them was how absurdly and obviously massaged they all were. It got to the point that I basically stopped trusting everything they wrote. They’re a propaganda factory, not a women’s health resource.

  3. Timotheos says:

    I think the logic was something like, look, the reason why so many “common” people are against abortion must be because they are misinformed, so all we need to do to change their opinion is to barrage them with facts, and they’ll see how “irrational” they were. It’s a common liberal mindset.

    In fact, I think this mindset plays a lot in the minds of people who consider arguments for God’s existence for the first time, and it’s also a pet peeve of mine I have against Bill Craig. We have a tendency to think that if some argument seems to be demonstrably true, but if enough otherwise rational people dispute the truth of the argument, then the argument just must not be demonstrative after all. I think this is just a too optimistic view of reason; for instance, Fermat’s last theorem is demonstrably true, but how many people could prove that, or even verify the truth of a proof, especially to an audience who is hostile to mathematics and doubts its value? And that’s my problem with Craig, I think he is way too generous to his friends that deny the self-evident principle of causality and other such nonsense, because they are demonstratively wrong and not just “unreasonable”.

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