An Interesting Admission

Happy Roe v. Wade Anniversary, everybody. In honor of the slaughter that has since taken place, take a look at this video. It’s about a Representative campaigning for a bill banning abortion after a heartbeat can be detected. Then look at the comment below at, and notice something:

So the Representative, when asked why he thinks a woman would get an abortion, says he doesn’t know, because he’s not a woman. Okay. Then he says a lot of the time it’s economic, which is probably true.

This actually makes sense. He is not a woman; he does not know the specific pressures they are under when the decision to abort crosses their mind. As such, he DOESN’T know exactly why a woman would want an abortion. But he does know that it’s morally repugnant. I don’t need to know the exact rationale behind why you shot a Jew to know that shooting Jews for being Jews is wrong, as is killing babies because they’re babies.

After that, Rachel Maddow and crew get all offended because his comments were sexiss or something.

Notice the massive admission made by the pro-abortion crowd made explicit both in the video and in the post below it:

So, Rep. Buchy, here’s some realtalk: You don’t need to be a woman to know why women seek abortions.

Well, well. Isn’t that interesting. So I DON’T need to be a woman in order to know why abortion is a terrible, evil thing? I DON’T need to be a woman to have a valid opinion about the issue? So I, as a man, can think that abortion is wrong and women need to treat my opinion as completely equal to theirs?

Well, DUH, of course not. If you understand why women get abortions, you’d OBVIOUSLY support it. So if you don’t support it, you don’t understand why women get abortions, and shouldn’t have an opinion on it. QED.

Be careful what you realtalk, ladies.

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3 Responses to An Interesting Admission

  1. G. Rodrigues says:

    On the other hand, this strikes me as the perfect excuse for a man to abandon the woman he impregnated: “So only you have a say in the matter? So only you have a say in educating him. Good riddance then.” This is scumbaggery, but if one of these Rachel Maddow clones makes even so much as a peep of outrage at these scoundrels, we all know how to treat it now.

    • Exactly.

      They’ve just admitted that, yes, it is possible for a man to understand what a woman’s mindset is when she’s getting an abortion (to know WHY she would seek one). Given that, yes, I DO understand why women get abortions. And I think it’s immoral and should be illegal.

      So ladies, is it impossible for men to judge women who get abortions because we’ll never know the pain of a pregnancy? Or is it possible for a man to know WHY a woman is getting an abortion, and thus have their own opinion on the subject?

      It’s got to be one or the other.

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