Stripping and Judgy Bitch

I’ve said in the past that Judgy Bitch is my favorite anti-feminist blog. And that’s because when JB gets things right, she knocks them out of the park.

But when she gets things wrong, well, I’d say she also gets them very wrong indeed.

JB is a mens’ rights activist and an atheist, and I think both of these show in her writings (I do not support a mens’ rights movement. I reject the “victim” mentality). She repeatedly refers to circumcision as male genital mutilation. I find this patently absurd, especially since many males are circumcised for completely health related and entirely nonreligious reasons. She’s also very pro-abortion even though she recognizes the fetus as a human being, a position I find rather sickening.

And I think this article on stripping misses the mark badly, because I think it starts from a false premise.

I’ll save you some time and tell you that the article is about parents who are shocked and outraged that their daughter has been stripping for money and lied to her parents about it (Not, by the way, an insignificant factor).

JB posts several pictures of idiot feminists who strip down to support some dumb pet cause of theirs – you know, anti-fur coats and crap like that.

Then she asks why people aren’t outraged by them, but stripping is looked down upon.

Sorry JB, I reject the premise. I look down on idiot feminists flaunting their tits for publicity AND stripping as a profession. Taking your clothes off for money is a way to manipulate men. You’re not even as honest as the prostitute; at least men get what they REALLY want then. You’re a tease. And while we’re at it, I don’t support the prostitute either. They’re another form of slut, and Sunshine Mary and Dalrock in particular, among others, have done a bang up job showing why sluthood is bad for marriage. Plus, on an entirely moral level, it’s repugnant.

JB writes this:

Would Mom and Dad freak the fuck out if their daughter said she was a full-time activist for PETA and regularly posed naked? I doubt it.

I call BS. Why would you assume that? Why are we assuming anti-stripper=pro-feminist? That’s a false dichotomy, and I’m not playing that game.

Instead, she gets on a stage every night and dances to music

So that’s what the kids call it now?

while removing her clothes

Bingo. The dancing just makes it look sexier. It’s not dancing for art’s sake, and the way she framed the sentence is dishonest. A ballerina’s dancing and a stripper’s dancing are not comparable, and she knows it. That’s the equivalent of the gay rights activist saying, “I don’t know why you oppose two people of the same sex loving each other!”. It’s a re-frame, and I’m not playing that game. Let’s refer to it as what it is: Taking your clothes off for money. Not dancing.

to the delight of her customers. Her male customers. Who pay her handsomely for the pleasure of seeing her body.

What she’s doing is acting as if she wants to have sex with these men. And since the men can’t get sex themselves, for one reason or another, they’ll pay for the play-acting.

Sorry. You’re a slut, but you’re scared to go all the way.

Being a stripper doesn’t make you a woman of loose morals.

Yes, it does, since stripping is in and of itself immoral. Showing off your tits to men who aren’t allowed to touch them is immoral, because these men are not your husband, and leading them on in such a brazen way is dishonest and slutty.

It doesn’t make you psychologically damaged. It doesn’t make you a crazy slut in any way, shape, or form.

BS. They may not be getting cock themselves, but you know those men will be jerking off later. Because of them. And they know it. They’re pleasuring men sexually outside of marriage. They’re sluts.

Things You Should Know About Strippers

  1. A third of them are paying tuition with that cash

  2. Most of them just want to dance

  3. 10 % of them are married

  4. 20% have dated customers

1. Who cares?

2. As the saying goes, if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.

3. Who cares?

4. Who cares?

Daddy needs to take a step back and consider the fact that a woman who is stripping to pay her tuition is, in fact, making a very smart investment. Her sexual appeal is at its peak, paying interest on loans SUCKS, and avoiding debt at all costs is a very smart thing to do, depending on the ROI, of course.

Divorced from morals, sure. And as “Breaking Bad” showed, depending on your level of need and income, dealing meth is also a very smart investment.

JB then goes on a long tirade about why Harvard economists are idiots and why feminists are idiots. I don’t really disagree with any of that, so I’ll skip to the end.

Men pay women for the pleasure of seeing them dance in very little clothing. Who has the power again?

The reality is that young women, especially young fit women, have an enormous power they can exploit for significant gains, and that power makes an older generation of ladies very, very uncomfortable. Firstly, it does not fit with the powerless victim narrative and secondly, it is a power than wanes as times goes on. Sexual appeal follows an economics, and the value of one’s sexual appeal will depend enormously on the investment one puts in to it.

Which makes it impossible to escape the reality that women have quantifiable, tangible sexual value.

And now by stripping in front of them they’re greatly devaluing their marriage potential despite increasing their sexual value. Again, I point people to Dalrock and Sunshine Mary for the stats on this, but it’s pretty demonstrably true. Men don’t like dating sluts, and when you’ve proven that you’re willing to help men jerk off for money that’s not going to help you.

Not only that, notice the admission here: Stripping is about women gaining power over men. This is a really key point that I don’t think can be overemphasized. It’s a fruit of feminism.

Just look at, for a pop culture example, “How I Met Your Mother”. There was a run when resident cad Barney dated and fell in love with a stripper. Despite her never cheating on him or having sex during her job, Barney saw the stripper’s marriage potential drastically decline as the relationship became more serious, because he became uncomfortable that she was ready and willing to help men jerk off. I don’t remember if this broke up the relationship on the show, but it did cause a huge amount of stress. And it was a perfectly natural reaction that I think most men would share. And what’s wrong with that?

JB then goes over some sort of advice columnist’s letter to the stripper’s parents, and says that she did a “pretty good job”, except when she referred to the men as “leering”.

Please. That’s exactly what they were doing.

Sorry Judgy Bitch. You’re great. But I think you’re way off on this one.

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6 Responses to Stripping and Judgy Bitch

  1. I wholly agree with you, here.
    I was planning on writing a post that, at its core, was quite similar.
    Let’s look at pop culture for a second, shall we? Who’s one of the most recognized female celebrities on “reality” TV and has her own line of clothing? Kim Kardashian. Guess who made it big by being in Ray J’s sex tape. Kim Kardashian.
    It’s revolting to acknowledge looks to such sluttiness for anything, let alone role-models.
    I simply can’t understand how we can acknowledge the fact that we only know of such figures because they whored themselves out for the world to see and jerk off to and still look up to them.

  2. Andrew W says:

    This is tied into the rape culture discussion (warning: long post).

    Historically, one common social ordering has been for men to be protectors of women. Specifically, her father, brother or husband was responsible for protecting her from external threats, whether these be the elements, the wilds, or unsavoury men. Men who tried to transgress this protection would be shunned and experience hostility from the other males in their society. (This does create problems for women who find themselves without a protector, either due to misadventure or because their protector is unwilling to do his job, but that’s a separate issue).

    These social ordering almost always treat a woman’s sexuality as precious, something to be guarded by her protector. By opening her affections and womb to her husband, he acquires responsibility to guard them and the offspring of them.

    It’s not hard to reason from this why it is women who suffer the most shaming from sexual looseness (especially prostitution), even though the men involved are at least as guilty. Sexual immorality from a man does not threaten the security of other men, unless directed against his charges or the charges of his friends. A man who acquires a reputation for sleeping around makes other men look good by comparison.

    In contrast, a loose woman undermines the social contract on which women’s security depends. If unreliable men can be sexually satisfied without commitment, it tempts all men to regard women in the same way – as disposable rather than precious. A loose man is only a direct threat, and is thus guarded against; a loose woman threatens the entire social contract and is thus shamed.

    Feminism and the sexual liberation denied this structure, claiming for women the right to be their own guardians. (If you’ve followed the above argument, I’m sure you can see where this is going) Moreover, they claimed the right to be sexually loose, claiming the same freedom as the *worst* of men. So now we have entire generations of women revelling in their lack of guardians, and teaching this as a good thing.

    And of course this leads to rape. You’ve just shifted everyone into the “loose” category, men and women alike. Men are no longer taught that women are precious, but that they are to be “enjoyed” for pleasure now. Women are taught the same. And yet there is surprise when bad things happen. If you run through unkempt paddocks without shoes on you will get thorns in your feet. The solution is to either put shoes on or avoid the unkempt paddocks, not complain about the thorns. The counter to a rape culture is a protection culture, and yet that is what many feminists argue against most of all. Yes, a respect culture would be nice, but respect grows in safety, and the problem is that we have stripped away all protections against predators and yet provide few incentives against men becoming predators themselves. In fact, we encourage men to objectify women, as the article above shows.

    Please note that I am not supporting or encouraging rape. It is a horrible thing. But note the enormous difference between taking something which is exclusive within a contractual relationship and taking something which might be given freely, just not to you. Mechanically speaking, rape is no longer an affront to the social order, only to personal autonomy. We cannot solve the problem of rape until we recover the sanctity of sex and a culture of guardianship.

  3. lina says:

    Showing your tits still doesnt.make.anyone to a slut… Or does shwoing your dick does make you to a slut? Having sex before marriage also doesnt make anyone to a slut. There is a differnce between slutty clothes and being a slut. You “arguments” are also really funny. Doesnt matter if the guys get horny or not,she does not take dicks of strangers into her so she is not a slut. I bet you think its totally fine to fuck around for a guy lol

    • Well, you’re COMPLETELY wrong since I am unabashedly and totally against sex before marriage for men and women, and I think pick-up artists are another form of pervert. And yes, I would think that men who show their dicks to women in order to get them horny are perverts.

  4. judgybitch says:

    @Malcolm I have a lot of sympathy for what you’ve written here. I tend to come out in favor of sex workers just to irritate the shit out of prudish feminists who think they are all helpless victims, like all women supposedly are. Sometimes I’m just poking the bear with a stick.

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