Sherlock: The Sign of Three

What can you say? Another terrific episode. Both the funniest and the most moving episode of Sherlock yet. This is probably the most human we’ve seen him the entire series. It’s remarkable how much character development both he and Watson have gone through – a great achievement.

The episode started off a little bit slowly (for Sherlock standards), but it was more than made up for by the outstanding final third, which included a brilliantly filmed sequence where Sherlock solved multiple murders at the end of his best man speech (the episode took place during Watson’s wedding). The cutting back and forth between scenes that they did is tricky business, but they executed it perfectly, and the result was some really engaging television.

The ending of the episode, as per usual, was perfect. It ended with yet another shocker, and one that fit the tone of the episode perfectly. “His Last Vow” was also set up very neatly. Advance reviews for it are outstanding, and I absolutely cannot wait. I don’t see how it could possibly measure up to “The Reichenbach Fall”, but then Sherlock never DOES cease to amaze me.

Sherlock is the best show on television today, and frankly it’s not particularly close.

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2 Responses to Sherlock: The Sign of Three

  1. James Scott says:

    Sherlock is a weird guy. He doesn’t believe in God but believes God was made up to give jobs to the family idiot(then he looks at that poor Anglican Priest fellow).

    OTOH Sherlock was the one for some reason who didn’t know the Earth went around the Sun?

    On a similar note. Democritus the Greek Philosopher and World’s first public Atheist who once said “The gods do not exist and the world is nothing but atoms in the void” was himself a FLAT EARTHER while all his Theistic Philosopher pals believed in a Round Earth.

    Just saying…………………………..;-)

    • Yeah, well, “Sherlock’s a weird guy” is an understatement.

      Interesting, the canon Conan Doyle Holmes was very religious, as well as quite a bit nicer than the modern Sherlock.

      That said, modern Sherlock is better in nearly every way (and I’ve read every Conan Doyle story/novel, and am a huge fan). I know I’m a broken record at this point, but “The Reichenbach Fall” was perfect in basically every way. They outdid Conan Doyle big time on that one,

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