A Note on our Pope

Yes, gay people have twisted the Pope’s words to fit their agenda. And yes, the way he spoke (pretty much echoing the Catechism) made that easy.

But remember his supposedly terrible papacy has not only led to more Mass participation. It has led to more people going to RECONCILIATION.

This is by far the most important fruit of his papacy, I think.

The Pope is not perfect by any stretch, but he is accomplishing good here. It’s not as if Benedict was perfect either, as much as people act like he was. He had no clue how to handle the press either – just in a decidedly different way from Pope Francis. And honestly, I don’t think he did enough weeding people involved in the sex abuse scandals from the Vatican. Pope Francis has at least gone some way towards that important job.

Does this mean I dislike Pope Benedict? Not at all. I love Pope Benedict. Summorum Pontificum was great! And his Jesus of Nazareth series was, from what I’ve heard from secondhand sources (I haven’t gotten the chance to read it myself) also excellent. Pope Benedict was an excellent theologian. But I just don’t buy the dichotomy here at all.

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7 Responses to A Note on our Pope

  1. IbnYaqob says:

    Malcolm my friend we should just stop underestimating the Pope & we should also stop apologizing for him too.

    BTW in terms of evaluating previous Popes I respectfully disagree. Benedict did root out sex abusers and their ilk much better then did John Paul II. No Francis can continue his work. He was the one who hammered Fr. Marcel who JP2 had a blind spot toward. JP2’s issues in that area was his environment. In Communist Poland whenever the authorities wanted to get rid of a troublesome Priest they would falsely accuse him of being a homosexual. So many innocent men where framed by the commies right before JP2’s eyes he developed a knee-jerk tendency to doubt, even to the point when it became unrealistic, later legitimate charges of abuse.

    Francis is fine we just have to give him our support.

  2. BenYachov says:

    On a related note. It is weird how the gay liberals treat the same man who said the spread of gay marriage in Argentina was the work of the Prince of Lies one way because they labeled him “liberal” & yet they treat Phi Robertson (who basically said what Francis said sans the course sex language) another way.

    I guess whatever rules they have where they give liberal Alex Baldwin a pass for calling a reporter a “Faggot” must somehow apply to the Pope who has been given the same imputed justice as the Baldwin.*

    *No offense to Protestants for adapting their Justification Theology.

    I wonder how long the Pope can keep this liberal get out of jail free card before they notice the Church still hasn’t ordained women Priests or approved of gay “marriage”?

    • John Paul II also declined in health tremendously at the end of his papacy. This no doubt meant that people got away with a lot more they would have if he was healthy.

    • Not to be contrarian, but I suspect the apparent love of Pope Francis amongst gay liberals might be as much due to media hype as anything else. As someone who is acquainted with queer activism, I’m not really seeing this as a major trend within the US-centric LGBTQ community. The ones who like him are the ones who are already religious/spiritual, but for the most part he’s pretty much irrelevant for the very reasons you mentioned – they know he’s not on their side with respect to issues like gay marriage, gay adoption and so on (but there are plenty who noted when Pope Benedict spoke out against the ill treatment of homosexuals. Basically, they’re not entirely stupid. They know there are Catholics who don’t want to kill/imprison them, but also don’t agree with gay marriage). Indeed, most of what I’ve read and heard from non-activist and activist alike is a great deal of cynicism, which is their default position when it comes to the church anyway.

      • Well, he was named person of the year by The Advocate.

      • And that’s lovely. No doubt next year he’ll be named un-person of the year and we’ll be seeing articles about what a disappointment he’s been to the gay community. My point is just that one needs to be careful when following a media led narrative. I find it fascinating going from traditionalist Catholic blogs who might think there is strange, sudden swell of support for Pope Francis amongst the LGBTQ community and then going to LGBTQ activist blogs who are concerned with the apparent rehabilitation of the Church. As ever, it seems a case of both sides believing the hype. Neither phenomenon is actually happening in the way that either side seems to think it is.

        Anecdote isn’t data of course but as an example I do know plenty of non-religious gay people (run of the mill and activist alike) who think more highly of Pope Francis, not because they think he’s nicer about gays but because they appreciate his more overt concern for the poor, if that helps.

      • I think your news is good news, but then I talk to people who are not part of the gay “activist” community but who do support gay marriage, and they’re so deluded that they sometimes believe false news articles where he says that Catholics are now going to accept gay marriage or claim that animism and atheism is just a-okay and just as good as Catholicism.

        It’s eye-rollingly over the top.

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