Once on Wife Swap

…They did this really interesting swap between an ultra-conservative family and ultra-liberal family. I’m talking backwards Southern woman-belongs-in-the-kitchen, lots-of-children, let’s-play-football conservative family. The liberal family had “enlightened” parents with one boy who painted his room pink because they wanted him to be free to act like a girl, and they were vegetarian and very into EQUALITY, so the wife worked and the father stayed home being a hippie or something like that. Maybe he worked too- I can’t quite recall.

Anyway, what was interesting was less the swap (it went about as expected, though liberal father was REALLY a jerk – refused to abide by the show’s rules), and more the aftermath. They go to talk to the ultra-conservative family and they explain that they realize they need to appreciate what the wife does more. They treat her with more respect, help her out in the kitchen, and give her some more breaks.

The ultra-liberal family basically blotted the whole thing out of their minds and said they were (not in these words) so superior to those conservative philistines that they had nothing to learn from them and were going to go back to doing things exactly the same way as they had before.

Remember who the enlightened ones are here, kids.

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