White College Students Stand up for Themselves, Liberals Hate It

Here is the appallingly badly written article by the notoriously ultra-liberal “Salon”. Apparently, three white college students finally caught on that academia is teaching the country that everything is their fault. So, they reported the teacher. And the college, in the rare case of an academic institution doing the right thing, disciplined her (though it does seem to be a slap on the wrist).

In its own way, it’s an infuriating (due to the tone) but oddly encouraging article.

This is only tangential to the main post, but reading some of the comments below it compels me to make this point as well: If a white guy in a big city crosses the street when they’re going to pass three black men, they have done the right thing. This has absolutely nothing to do with “racism” and everything to do with statistics that overwhelmingly point out that blacks tend to be the race that commits more violent crimes.

It is a genuine tragedy that completely innocent, good black people, of which I know many, have to be treated this way as a result of the rest of the black population, but you know what? That’s life. Deal.

While affirmative action exists I will never take “structural” or “institutional” racism seriously.

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1 Response to White College Students Stand up for Themselves, Liberals Hate It

  1. Crude says:

    I think the entire notion of ‘privilege’ as it’s typically understood is nonsense. And good for these guys for standing up against a nonsense class.

    Professors are not ‘teachers’ from high school. They should be regarded as employees, rather than authority figures – or at least far more in that direction than they are now.

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