The Saga of Jenny Ericson

The saga of Jenny Ericson, Christian pro-marriage blogger turned divorced Christian blogger (you know, the bitch woman who got pissed that her pastor broke the good news of their divorce to her husband told her husband about rumors going around about his family), continues. This time our sage, Jenny, tells us that unlike the rest of us heathens, she LEARNS from her mistakes! No, seriously.

There seems to be some obsession with calling me out for divorcing the man I once said was the “love of my life” and “my best friend.”


Because I’ve been so vocal in my defense of marriage over the years, and adamant that divorce should never be an option if two people are willing to work it out, people seem to be pretty pissed that I left my husband.

Yeah, I mean, why would we be pissed that you left a man who you described in your own words as the “love of your life” or your “best friend”? I mean, there’s been an OBSESSION with CALLING YOU OUT? Amazing! Who would think that people would be angry at a woman who knows exactly how horrible divorce is for her children and decides to get one anyway?

Take a chill pill guys [PROFESSIONAL writer here, people!]. So I was wrong about marriage being the most sacred thing on the planet, to be protected at all costs — even the sanity of those in it. What’s your point?

Uh, that you’re a professional writer who had written specifically in the past on the importance of marriage, turning yourself into a figurehead for the topic, and then backtracked on your stance when you realized that, hey, maybe God’s “no divorce” thing is great for MOST people, but me? I’m special, amirite???

I mean, would you ask “What’s the big deal”? if Fr. John Zuhlsdorf one day announced on his award-winning Catholic blog that he was leaving the Church because he hated the Latin Mass?

I used to be one of those people that thought the only “excuse” for divorce was cheating or beating. I thought I was superior to those other people, because I stayed in my very difficult marriage rather than calling it quits. If I could do it, why couldn’t everyone else? I mean, marriage is supposed to be hard, right?

Oh boy, did God ever take me off my high horse on that one.

Thank goodness God was there to tell her to take the easy way out!

Oh, wait, that’s not where she was going with that, huh?

How about, thank goodness God showed her that sometimes its better to directly contradict his commands, but only when it’s really, really hard!

Wait, no, that’s not quite it either.

Okay, I think I’ve got it: Thank goodness God showed her that what she thought was His teaching for ten years wasn’t ACTUALLY His teaching, and conveniently right when she decided her marriage had to end to!

I think I got it right that time!

But the best, the absolute best part, of this whole tragicomedy of an article is the ending. Here it is in full, in all of its glory. One is reminded strongly of Stacy the transsexual’s long-ago diatribe about how I secretly am afraid to beat transsexuals to death:

What, you’ve never changed your mind about anything [??? Who ever said that? By the way, the bold on “you’ve never changed your mind” is, I am not making this up, from her, not me.]? What a sad, narrow little life you must lead. I pity you since I know from experience that comeuppance is a bitch.


But please, go ahead and continue to call me horrible names and condemn me from behind anonymous computer screens. All it does is make you look like idiots.

Yes Jenny, after all of this, it’s OTHER people who look like the idiots here. Newsflash: Instead of being pissed at all of the anonymous people for being anonymous, you probably should have 1), used a pen name, and 2), NOT LEFT YOUR HUSBAND.What did you expect to get? E-hugs?

You can’t make this stuff up.

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6 Responses to The Saga of Jenny Ericson

  1. Ilíon says:

    Perhaps, someday, men in general will stop worshipping women in general and realize/admit that they are sinners, just like we are. That they tend to express their sinnfullness differently then men is to be expected: they’re not men.

  2. Ilíon says:

    When I first because aware of this a week ago — specifically of her “How My Husband Found Out I Was Leaving Him” post — none of the comments at that time were supportive of her actions nor of her anger at the pastor. I was rather surprised that that the comments hadn’t been deleted — in my experience, “strong, independent women” will not abide criticism of either their actions or attitudes.

    • Indeed, she deserves credit just for not freaking out and deleting everything. Instead she freaks out by making herself look more and more like a caricature as time goes on. Have you seen her latest post, where she complains that her pastor excommunicated her, and posts online the perfectly reasoned, carefully written, powerfully worded, and well thought out letter explaining the church’s decision?

      Yes Jenny, be very upset that your church had rules that were spelt out very clearly and you were very well aware of, and then decided to honor those rules after you broke them blatantly, knowingly, unashamedly, and publicly.

      The pastor is doing an excellent job. He’s handling everything the right way.

      • Ilíon says:

        I had glanced at that one (and then decided her self-created drama wasn’t worth any ome of my time), and was amazed at her presumption that posting the content was going to turn rational people over to her cheerleaders.

      • Ilíon says:

        Boy, did that last post ever get mangled by my habit of changing my wording after I’d already written something, and in this case not carefully rereading it.

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