Oh, the Irony

Barely a half hour after “A Charlie Brown Christmas” has ended, one of the only Christmas specials out there with an explicitly Christian message and that expressly denounces, rather than implicitly supports, materialism, I see a female country star whose name I can’t remember singing “That’s what Christmas Means to Me” while wearing a skimpy Santa-themed outfit, background dancers around her and a huge Christmas tree and decorations display set up behind her.

You gotta love the irony. “That’s What Christmas Means to Me”, hardly a half hour after Linus stands on stage and answers that very question by quoting the Gospel. A huge, artificial Christmas display set up right after we celebrated Charlie Brown picking out the skimpiest tree in the lot because “All it needs is a little love”.

Sometimes you just have to shake your head.

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One Response to Oh, the Irony

  1. cl says:

    I’m shaking with you… it’s sad and disgusting.

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