I Just started BioShock Infinite

So far, I don’t like it as much as BioShock, though it certainly can’t be classified as bad. It reminds me of Half-Life 2 – objectively, I recognize that taken as a classic FPS it’s clearly absolutely top-notch quality. I just don’t like classic FPS’s, and the original BioShock is in many ways NOT a traditional FPS. Infinite isn’t totally cookie-cutter, but it definitely follows the mold more than BioShock. Columbia is extremely cool – definitely on par with Rapture, if not better, and the graphics are fantastic. I don’t like vigors nearly as much as plasmids. Your use of them, at least early on, is so limited that I find myself having to use weapons almost exclusively. It takes a lot of fun out of it, especially for somebody like me who is playing the game BECAUSE I was hoping it would be different from the traditional shooter.

I’m very early on, and I’m going to power through until I reach the meat of the story, which apparently is Elizabeth. Hopefully the gameplay picks up by then too – I heard Elizabeth can do some really cool things. I’m playing mostly for the story right now, so hopefully my friend is right and the story is worth it. Right now I just want to get past the “hack through to the next section” part of the game and progress, so I’m avoiding the enemies more than I’m fighting them. Turrets are just as much of a bitch here as they were in the original.

As for finally finishing the original BioShock – fantastic game, disappointing final boss. Nail him with heat-seeking RPG’s repeatedly and run around a lot and it’s a pretty easy battle if you come prepared, though the final cut scene with the little sisters is a fittingly creepy end. I didn’t even have to use plasmids. I did get a surprisingly heartwarming and even touching happy ending because of my choices regarding the little sisters, which was actually kind of nice. That game is definitely worth a replay.

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4 Responses to I Just started BioShock Infinite

  1. Crude says:

    I will look forward to seeing your estimation of its storyline.

    • It should be interesting. Apparently the big focus is the relationship between Booker and Elizabeth and her character development.

      I see BioShock criticized a lot for its gameplay (it is indeed very forgiving and can be repetitive), but it was right up my alley, though I do wish they’d have been a little more creative and have something besides “hack and slash” missions. I loved mixing and matching my weapons though. The Enrage plasmid, which set enemies fighting each other, was so satisfying to watch. One of my favorite moments in the game was walking into an area and finding myself surrounded and badly outnumbered by splicers. I hit a few of them with Enrage and I was able to walk right through while they battled each other around me. You feel kind of badass.

      BioShock Infinite is still very forgiving, but not as much as BioShock. Veteran gamers would probably find it too easy; I wish it was easier, because for me difficulty isn’t the point. Its the fun to be had in the fighting itself, and the story and dialogue. I also think the soundtrack in Infinite is a bit too overbearing. BioShock’s is very subtle and at many times virtually nonexistent. Infinite’s is more involved. Basically, it’s trying to be the anti-BioShock, and succeeding. Whether or not this is a good thing remains to be seen.

      Highlight of the game: A barbershop quartet singing the Beach Boys “God Only Knows”. In 1912. Gotta love that.

  2. NNNNNEEEEERRRRRDDDDSSSS! 🙂 (I loved Portal but it’s probably the only game I’ll ever have played from start to finish in my lifetime.)

    • The Portal games are my absolute favorite games and two of the greatest games of all time. If you’ve beaten Portal, you HAVE to play Portal 2. Absolutely outstanding game – arguably better than the original Portal, and at least twice as long.

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