The reason feminists need to stamp their feet about how men are not, not, NOT superior in any way to women is because they see value from a purely materialistic perspective, by wont of them also being liberal. Men are physically stronger, less emotional, and tend to be more capable leaders – this is a pretty obvious, observable fact. And so when you see value as something tied to what you do to affect the world, then feminism becomes a little bit easier to understand. For feminists, being less capable than men means almost literally being less than human. In fact, this helps to explain why I’ve actually seen some secular manosphere types make the argument that women aren’t full moral agents.

Feminism is necessary because of the fruits of liberalism. Christianity teaches that it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, male or female, slave or free – we are all one in Jesus Christ. Our value is not tied up in the material world. And when you do tie value to the material world, you either need to come to extremely uncomfortable conclusions or deny observable reality. Feminists choose the latter.

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