And Zippy Nails it Again

My issues with the Manosphere, in large part, are summarized here:

John [Zippy is responding to another poster on a comment thread]:
I think personal attacks are prevalent everywhere on the Net. But what is qualitatively different in the manosphere (especially comboxes), which I’ve pointed out myself at times, is the “metanarrative” tendency: applying the “red pill” theoretical categories (white knight, AMOG, beta, etc) to actual combox discussion participants whom (1) we don’t know from Adam as a way to (2) tell them to shut up. Follow up with a bunch of textual high-fives.

Note that I am speaking generally.

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3 Responses to And Zippy Nails it Again

  1. lotharson says:

    Hello Cynical Malcom.
    I believe that blogging reveals the true nature of many people who are (relatively) nice in the real world to avoid troubles.
    But this is also a wonderful opportunity for Christians to try loving our enemies:

    I would be glad to learn what you think about that.

    By the way, this page might also interest you :=)

    Lovely greetings from Europe.

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