Terrorism by 12 Year Olds

Here it is. As the blog Love your Love-Life reports, bullying somebody to the point where a 12 year old girl hurls herself from the top of a tower in an abandoned concrete plant is not just bullying. It’s terrorism. It’s sickening, literally sickening. It’s actually making me slightly nauseated. As somebody who helps run an anti-suicide charity and who has some very personal connections with suicide, this just makes me so angry.

These girls should be put into juvenile detention until they’re 18. We need to send a REAL message, not the silly little “Don’t stand up for yourself” campaign going on right now across the country.

I’m not even sure what we can practically do about this right now. This is a deep-rooted, societal failure made possible by an incredibly flawed system in place. The only way to change it is to radically change how society is run – something I’m not against.

But these girls…let’s hope they repent, or else as Shepherd Book of “Firefly” once said they’ll be going to the special Hell reserved for child molesters or people who talk at the theater.

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5 Responses to Terrorism by 12 Year Olds

  1. Hey, thanks for the link and the credit!! I’m glad you agree it’s more than bullying…this issue hits close to home for me, too!

  2. Yes, it’s a horrible story. We taught it to an ESOL class just last week (Jacksonville is not too far from Lakeland), and this month is Bullying Awareness month. I pray for that poor girl and for her tormentors.

    • I think the way campaigns like bullying awareness month and all of that handle things is very wrong. Telling victims to “tell somebody” and that there’s a “zero tolerance policy” just increases psychological torture, because if you fight back you get in trouble, and all the bullies have to do is make the torture psychological rather than totally physical.

      • It’s funny, because even though I teach in a public high school and am a Catholic, I have almost no opinion on many of the “liberal” policies that are so debated in the press. Common Core, anti-bullying campaigns, etc. I’m just trying to keep my head above water. Attendance, classroom management, grades, and certification–it’s enough (oh, and that whole wife-and-two-kids thing at home is its own set of responsibilities). My profound point is, I have no idea how to address bullying on a large scale. That story is heartbreaking.

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