And For the Record

This was a comment on my last post, but I think it’s actually worth its own.

My last post should help clarify why it seems like I’m so knee-jerk, 100% defensive of Pope Francis. I’m actually not afraid to point out what I see as problems, and I’ve criticized him both in other places online and to friends. I’m just reacting to what I perceive as an extreme overreaction by the Catholic right. That comment I made in the writing forum is a more accurate portrayal of my attitude – I support what he’s trying to do, I think he’s doing a lot of good, but I hope he’s more clear about doctrine in the future and makes less ambiguous statements.

Hopefully this goes a ways towards clarifying what my actual attitude is towards criticizing the Pope in “normal” situations, where I don’t feel as if I’m reacting to what I perceive to be an extreme point of view.

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