More of Zippy on Game

After reading his blog I’ve come to the conclusion that I pretty much agree with Zippy on this issue 100%. He really seems spot on. This post pretty much nails what my issue is with the manosphere. Zippy writes:

…if “Game” is really just a collection of amoral tools, and the tools used by pickup artists (PUAs) and the tools used by good Christian men are not the same set of tools (though there may be overlap), it raises the question of why Christians would want to use the term “Game” to refer to the tools in their toolbox. Presumably there are things Christian men ought to do in order to have rightly-ordered relationships with women which are not in the PUA’s toolbox. The fact that the contents of the toolboxes may have some superficial overlap is hardly a justification for using the same label that PUAs use, since that label-sharing can only lead to confusion and endless semantic haggling

On the other hand, maybe the GameNom’s are wrong and there really is an essence to this thing called “Game”. If that is the case though then the claims that “Game” is an arbitrary toolbox filled with amoral tools with which a Christian can do good, is false. Particular tools cannot be added or taken away at will, because they all share some essence. Once Game has an essence it can be criticized as a thing with an essence, and all the protests against defining Game as a set of PUA tools are empty: Game is a set of PUA tools to dishonestly manipulate women because that is its essence.

In summary: if “Game” for Christians is just an arbitrary collection of social tools for Christian men, we ought to label it with some other name. On the other hand if “Game” has an essence then it is subject to an essentialist critique, and the “toolbox” and “semantics” protests reflect a misunderstanding of the nature of the problem.

Keep in mind, I’m happening upon all of this rather late. These posts I’m dredging up are from a year+ ago. But, I think looking at the culture surrounding this whole phenomenon is important, because it gives you at least the “Zippy perspective” to not take everything these guys say as Gospel, or to feel as if your self-worth is compromised because you’re not an Alpha (using Alpha/Beta only division, not Vox’s more complex division).

I mean, it’s hard for me to look at posts praising men who get themselves castrated written by who is probably the foremost “Christian” Game blogger and also look at these people as having any authority at all. If a CHRISTIAN is reacting this way, this at least raises red flags with me about how, exactly, to take this concept as a whole.

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