Richard Dawkins: “I don’t think I am strident or aggressive”

That is the title of this article.

My response:

*Deep Breath*


*Takes Another Breath*


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3 Responses to Richard Dawkins: “I don’t think I am strident or aggressive”

  1. Blue Devil Knight says:

    That is actually a really good article….:) But I do get the joke.

    • Oh, the article may very well be wonderful (I didn’t bother reading it, but only because the subject doesn’t interest me unduly). That is quite besides the point, though. The take away is, well, yeah. I find it hard to believe sometimes that he can even hear himself speak.

    • I mean, he says some absolutely ridiculous things.

      “What I think is that we have all become so accustomed to seeing religion ring-fenced by a wall of special protection that when someone delivers even a mild criticism of religion, it’s heard as aggressive when it isn’t. I like to think I’m more thoughtful and reflective.”

      …Really? Saying that teaching children your religion is child abuse is “thoughtful and reflective?” It’s a “mild criticism”?

      More than that, I think he’s totally missing the point. It’s not so much exactly how antagonistic he is. It’s his absolute narcissism, the belief, stated in the article explicitly, that because he studies evolution he has authority to judge religion! “The God Delusion” is, frankly, garbage, written by a man who knows nothing about the subject he pontificates about. His objections to St. Thomas’s proofs are simply ridiculous. And he says he considers the existence of a creator a scientific one, which is just a fundamentally wrong way of looking at things.

      And I’m sorry, but he comes off sounding a bit like an arrogant buffoon in the article. His half-hearted, sort-of-kind-of objection to eugenics looked mighty sketchy to me, for one thing.

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