Stupid Pro-Life People

…And the media.

Law and Order: SVU is not a bad show. But sometimes I really hate some of its liberal bias. Bless its heart, it tries to cover it, but it really shows when pro-life people show up on screen (except Detective Stabler, but that’s because he doesn’t really talk about it).

Case in point: I am currently watching an episode where pro-choice Detective Olivia Benson and pro-life Detective Elliot Stabler approach a pro-life protester in front of an abortion building. Naturally, they made her an idiot.

“Abortion is murder!” she proudly proclaims to Olivia. “Oh yeah?” Olivia responds. “What if the mother’s life is in danger?” “We leave it in God’s hands,” our pro-life blonde responds.

Okay. Now this is true. But just by virtue of the question was it not GLARINGLY obvious that this woman wasn’t going to be convinced by appeals to God? The much better response would have been, “We leave it up to the doctors to save as many people as they can; each case is individual and I can’t tell you what should be done in each one.”

But anyway. Then Olivia says, “Even if the mother is raped?” Our dim-witted blonde replies, “God must have plans for the child if he’s brought him into the world!”. Olivia responds with, “Even if she serves as a constant reminder of what the rapist did? You have no idea how big a toll this takes on a woman.” Apparently this is such a brilliant response that our dumb little pro-life supporter is silenced. Keep in mind too that Detective Stabler is there the entire time, and despite being supposedly pro-life he doesn’t jump in.

The correct response to this would be, “Of course. How does rape stop a child from being a person?” And when Olivia responds about the “toll” it takes on a woman the correct response would be to say “I think killing somebody takes an even bigger toll on them, actually.”

Here “Law and Order” had an excellent chance to show REAL objectivity by having Olivia go up against a pro-life supporter who, you know, isn’t an idiot. But instead they give her a dumb blonde punching bag, because why not?

Oh yeah, then when we go inside the clinic the doctor says that she “Actually hurts her own cause because she mostly scares away people who want contraception.” Except that this has been proven not to be true.

Too bad. Otherwise, it’s a good show.

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4 Responses to Stupid Pro-Life People

  1. I think you might find this episode of the original Law & Order of interest:

  2. Check out the info under the ‘Reception’ section.

    • Wow, that really IS fascinating. It also aired in 2009, of course, and honestly after the whole issue in Texas I would bet that the media would jump on an overtly pro-life episode like a rabid dog nowadays. I would love to see that, though.

      That’s something SVU would never do, and I feel safe saying that after seeing a lot of episodes. On the abortion issue, SVU is decidedly pro-choice, as much as it tries to hide it (they have Elliot there to “balance” out Olivia except that Elliot never actually challenges any claims she makes).

      The best I can say about SVU is that it was very sympathetic towards the pro-lifers in their Terri Schaivo case episode. Of course, a lot of it was less because of pro-life sympathies and more because they created a thoroughly unlikeable villain, but beggars can’t be choosers.

      I actually love the comparison between Tiller’s murderer and John Brown, which I never considered before and works perfectly.

  3. I do like this quote from Dave Andrusko, head of the National Right to Life Committee at the time:

    “More important, it occurred to me as I listened in utter astonishment that each of these observations could have been presented in a way that was artificial, forced, or (as so often is the case with network portraits of pro-lifers) something that you would expect from an idiot.”

    It’s not just me indeed.

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