The Great Equality god

Consider this scenario:

Say there’s a scandal in a Catholic School. A female teacher got pregnant out of wedlock. She’s fired, naturally.

Say in this same school, at roughly the same time, it comes out that one of the male teachers fathered a child out of wedlock about five years ago. The media digs it out, otherwise nobody ever would have known. The man is not fired.

Is this fair? No. Should the guy be fired? Yes, if the Catholic School wants to be consistent.

But in this scenario he has not been fired. So what does that mean?

The first thing that comes to mind is that the female teacher shouldn’t be fired either. But why? She still broke the rules, right? Whatever the school does with the male teacher, the female teacher still violated Catholic moral teaching and should still be fired. What happens to the male teacher is a separate issue.

So why do people want standards to be LOWERED as opposed to accepting responsibility for their actions?

I guess that answers itself, huh? Lowering standards to gain equality is so much easier than accepting responsibility for your actions. Just look at the abortion debate. Got pregnant out of wedlock? Need an out? Well, there’s abortion.

But what if a man opposes it? Well, what does HE know, anyway? HE can’t get pregnant!

You see the issue? Men don’t need to face the same types of consequences women need to face in regards to an accidental pregnancy. So instead of accepting responsibility we need to appease the Great Equality god, and eliminate that which makes things unequal – the baby. Thus, responsibility is eliminated, and the Great Equality god is appeased.

The Great Equality god is the very heart of liberalism.

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