Quick Thought on the Martin/Zimmerman Fiasco

The whole Zimmerman/Martin trial has gotten way too much press already but hey, it’s my blog. Might as well give my two cents. This post is taken almost entirely from a comment I made down at Crude’s blog.

Let’s say, though we have no actual evidence of this and are only assuming it, that Zimmerman found Martin suspicious because he was black. Let’s say that, despite police warnings, he followed him. Let’s say he provoked the attack verbally. By provoked I do not mean challenging him to a fight. I mean, say, calling him a punk or some such thing. Or even a nigger, just to make him even a little bit more of a villain, though we have absolutely no reason at all to believe he said this.

EVEN THEN George Zimmerman would not be guilty of murder, because Trayvon Martin attacked him and was slamming his head into the ground. Shooting him was STILL self-defense.

That’s something I think people keep forgetting – that even if his following of Martin WAS racially motivated, shooting Martin was STILL not a crime if Martin really started bashing his head into the ground, especially with the evidence they had.

I feel like innocent until proven guilty is forgotten a lot of the time. I remember seeing a “Law and Order: SVU” episode where the ending was left ambiguous. A man was accused of rape, and both him and the woman accusing him sounded completely honest.

The thing is, we’re not supposed to know the verdict. But the man on trial should have been found innocent, because the evidence was not enough to establish that he was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. That was the whole point of the ambiguous ending.

It’s also the whole problem with “trial by media”; if the media convicts somebody the jury damn well better follow, or there will be blood. Nobody likes the idea of innocent until proven guilty with people they don’t like, but you bet they’ll all become fans if they’re ever accused of a crime.

This, of course, leads directly into the whole fiasco of Priests accused of sexual abuse. That’s a rabbit hole to jump down another time.

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5 Responses to Quick Thought on the Martin/Zimmerman Fiasco

  1. Hello this is Nicholas a commenter from Crude’s blog. Since I’ve already addressed the Trayvon Martin part of your post on his blog, I’m going to go ahead and comment on the last paragraph of your post. I just want to say that since I returned to the Church I have personally have become aware of how little the public actually knows regarding the way the scandals of sexual abuse have effected the Catholic Church.

    To be a volunteer (at least at my parish) you have to take something called a Virtus class, which is essentially a seminar about how to spot the warning signs and prevent child abuse. The class includes a video with interviews from real victims and even actual predators discussing how they chose and groomed their victims and how they kept parents and guardians at bay.

    The interviews were very graphic and at times disturbing, but it really honed in the seriousness of the issue. In end, people that freely accuse the Catholic Church of enabling pedophiles have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. Sure, some might dismiss the class as a relic of a useless bureaucracy, but the fact that some parishes (like my own) are willing to take it upon themselves to make sure their volunteers recognize the signs of child sexual abuse indicates that the mistakes of the past do not continue to go on with impunity currently.

    Thoughts, malcomthecynic?

    • Hi Nicholas, I had a longer post written but it accidentally got deleted. I’ll content myself by saying that people have no clue how the Catholic Church is run. The Pope, contrary to popular belief, does not have godlike powers simply because the Church is far too BIG. The Vatican is not responsible for handling sex abuse, because it can’t be. The Church is, and in general individual parishes have done a really excellent job addressing the scandals, and yet their is still this sort of revenge witch hunt and absolute hatred for the Church that permeates public discussion. The Church is in crisis right now, make no mistake. It’s worst by far in the Middle East and Africa but things are going to get worse and worse here in America. The years to come will not be pretty for Catholics, or conservative, traditional Christians in general for that matter.

      • Sorry about the deletion and thanks for your thoughts. I agree, I think things for the religious are going to get worse before they get better…assuming they get better at all. Thus is the lot of living in a fallen world.

  2. at the risk of me not being taken seriously: this blog entry kinda reminds me of a vine i saw recently https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GF97IefC5M

  3. malcomthecynic,

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